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7 07 2009

As I sit, I am lounging on the couch, my legs resting uncomfortably on Jeff (who is playing a video game where I think all you do is run around and knock down buildings with a sledge hammer, how clever), while I upload the hundreds of pictures from our week on Chebeague Island, Maine. It was a much-needed break, although really not much of a break at all, since certain people still required that I wipe, feed, discipline, clean and entertain them. That, combined with the stress of traveling 12 hours by car, figuring out the logistics of ferrying 5 adults and 3 children plus suitcases, food and baby gear approximately 10 miles across Casco Bay and oh my, where do we park our cars??, the gloomy, cold weather that finally gave way to sun and warmth THE DAY BEFORE WE LEFT, and well, clearly it was more like a relaxing spa retreat than anything. CLEARLY.

I guess I forgot to mention in the zero times I’ve posted in the last two months that we’d be going away. Life got busy. So uh, I blame Life. At the end of May, Jeff and I celebrated 5 years of wedded bliss by taking the boys to their favorite restaurant for dinner. I took the boys up to Erie again the first week of June, where we had many small family gatherings to celebrate Ethan’s 4th birthday. The next two weeks were spent going to doctor’s appointments (Ethan has shot up from the 10th to the 50th percentile for both his height and weight, has his Daddy’s artistic gift and the attitude of 13-year-old; Oliver is plump and healthy, and impressing everyone he meets with his vast vocabulary and counting skillz), working overtime in my transcription course in order to get ahead and take a week off, and getting ready for our vacation.

The weekend before we left, my mom drove down from Erie and watched the boys for us so that Jeff and I could go out and celebrate our 5 years in a more official way, ie, at a place with cloth napkins and no mascot. He took me here, which I must say is a tad fancier than the Robin. The food was AMAZING, and I got to get all dressed up, and eat without yelling at anyone. It was cool. We stayed in a fancy hotel in DC and the next day we walked around downtown in the gorgeous sunny weather, got lunch, and then finally became the last 2 people on Earth to see Star Trek. Oh, and my mom rocks for watching our little hooligans for us.

If things stay this way, I’m not sure how much time I’ll be willing to put into this here blog. Honestly, even if they slow down a bit, I still don’t know how often I’ll be blogging. The whole week we were on the island, I did not have Internet access, and while it was a little odd the first day or two, I found that I was not missing it by the end of the week (with the exception of reading your blogs and tweets, of course; that was the hardest part). It was nice, though. Refreshing. I went a whole week not hearing the latest on the status of Jon and Kate’s marriage and CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, I did not perish! Amazing.

We are trying to return to normal life around here. Jeff’s leave doesn’t end for another day, so our vacation technically isn’t over yet. I think we’ll try to head over to the pool on post tomorrow. Jeff will celebrate his return to work on Thursday with (surprise, surprise) another trip. Hopefully a short one. And I will make it my goal not to open my laptop until after noon. I’ve got beachy pictures to develop, and lots of shell-related crafts to do with Ethan. I think blogging can wait, for now.




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8 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

but but but, where will I look for the latest in bug smooshing techniques?!?!

8 07 2009

Glad to see you realized how nice life is WITHOUT the internet. But I would miss catching up on your family =o) you know, any future spider episodes…hehee

8 07 2009
Ethan's Oma

I love this picture of Ethan ! He actually got his hands all sandy and wet and yucky, never seen him do that before without running right in to wash them ! Then the next day he stood at the sink and washed every one of his shells ! Can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures, yours always come out waaay better than mine.

9 07 2009

Sure, sure. Everyone’s all, “I don’t need the internet” in the summertime. But when January comes around, you’ll be crawling right back to us. You just wait.

9 07 2009

Who will tell me the newest and coolest ways to avoid touching bugs?!

I know what you mean, though. I’ve slowed way down myself. I think a lot of us have.

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