1 05 2009

Here’s a helpful little tip for you: Next time you want to wish for the magical disappearance of your toddler’s yucky rash overnight, DON’T, because instead what you will get is your 4-year-old waking up in the middle of the night with a fever and crazy dreams. And the rashy one? Will still be rashy.


Speaking of tips, I discovered something yesterday that you probably knew already (which would make complete sense, as I seem to be 2 steps behind the entire world when it comes to… everything): a way to trick myself into working out. I’ve been doing the 30 Day Shred again, after a brief really long hiatus, for about two weeks now. Yesterday I had zero motivation to do it, but I didn’t really want to admit it to myself, so I thought maybe I’d just pretend like I was going to do it, and then later on, when I still hadn’t done it, I could just make up some excuses (“I didn’t have time” is a favorite of mine, since I really usually don’t have time, what with children, housework, studying, and often single-parent status) (which could be true, except that I’m really good by now at making this sound believable, and so who knows?) and move on. I even went so far with my facade as to put on my “workout clothes” (which consist of capri sweats (which are one of the comfiest things ever and I would wear them at all times, dead of winter, even, if I could) and (surprise surprise) a beater (I told you I like beaters)).

But then, as luck had it, I randomly found myself with a little free time: Oliver was napping and Ethan was watching Sesame Street… I’d already cleaned up from breakfast… I’d already posted, even… and here I was, already in my workout clothes… well, all I had to do was turn it on. I couldn’t NOT not Shred. It turns out that I am really good at pretending. So good that I end up actually doing what I was pretending I would do. And I’m thinking that if I just immediately put workout clothes on when I get up in the morning, this might happen more often. We’ll see.

Or not. Because if you think my only excuse is the time one, well, you’d be wrong. I’ve got a whole rolling suitcase full of them.



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