Itchy and scratchy

30 04 2009

I’m taking a little break (from Googling “my baby itches what can I do for him that won’t make him worse”) (um, sorry, Ollie; mama promises to get right back on that in just a mi- stop scratching! stop scratching!). My break involves a cup of reheated coffee that I somehow managed to spill down my front on the second sip (luckily, I was wearing a t-shirt of Jeff’s* (um, sorry, Jeff), so it’s fine), the cleaning up of said coffee, and feeding Oliver some banana bread. Because my solution to stop him from itching so far has been to keep feeding him. As long as I keep the food coming, he doesn’t itch. I slip up, though, and he has his chunky little baby arm, pointing at the bumps, using all the words he knows to describe it to me (“satch” = scratch; “buh”= bump; “huur” = hurt; “oww”= OW THIS IS OW FIX IT MOMMY), before he begins to hack at away at all the little bumps with his tiny fingernails.

*I don’t normally wear my husband’s clothes, but I was getting ready for bed last night and couldn’t find a beater. I did, however, come across one of Jeff’s t-shirts as I searched the laundry basket of clean (unfolded- I am lazy) clothes. Is it weird that I wear beaters to bed? Is it weird that I started doing this when I was pregnant with Ethan? It is, isn’t it? You haven’t seen classy till you’ve seen a lady’s 9-months-pregnant belly hanging out of her husband’s wife beater, LET ME TELL YOU.

Oliver has acute something-something dermatitis of childhood. I know this because I took him to his doctor yesterday (not to the ER, as I’d tweeted I would, in case you caught that tweet; I ended up waiting (3 hours!) for a triage nurse to call me back, with whom I discussed the rash, leading to the decision to keep calling the appointment line in the event that someone had cancelled their appointment for that day; no one ever did, but by some stroke of luck, I was able to snag one for the following day). She at first thought it was chicken pox, decided it was not that, was perplexed for a little while, and then began calling other doctors in to have a look and discuss with her. Eventually they came to a consensus, and everyone was relieved: it wasn’t contagious! it should clear up in about a week! Awesome. But, um, there’s nothing we can do for him. (It’s viral.) ‘Cept watch him scratch, I guess.

The visit wasn’t entirely unproductive– I left Oliver’s appointment with a prescription for Ethan for Zyrtec (they have the same doctor). Ethan’s allergies and eczema have been RAGING the past week or so, thanks due largely to the 90 degree weather we’ve been “enjoying.” Oh, yes, AND we got to wait for that prescription in the pharmacy at the hospital with loads of other sickies for ALMOST TWO HOURS. It was GREAT.

So, Ethan is feeling much better today- less itchy and sneezy, rash clearing up- but Oliver is feeling AND looking worse. Google had better tell me something good, because that poor boy’s entire body has been overtaken by angry red, leaky sores (the picture below doesn’t capture their angriness, nor their leakiness, fortunately for you) (seriously, you can’t even see the ones on his eyelid, or his neck… wait, did I accidentally buy a magical camera? Going to take a picture of myself right now and see if I’m thin and pretty, brb) (NOPE, not magical; harsh, in fact) and he is pretty much miserable, and… aw, he’s dancing! He can’t feel THAT awful if he’s dance-partying with the Dixie Chicks, who are singing about the letter B on Sesame Street, right? He is swaying along to the song in his high chair. How cu… Oh. Nevermind. He’s grinding on the high chair so as to scratch at the unreachable parts of his back, neck and head. Hm… I recall Monica taping oven mitts to Pheobe’s and Charlie Sheen’s hands, to keep them from scratching at their chicken pox, on an episode of Friends once. Perhaps I shall give that a try?

In the meantime, I’ve banished clothes for the day in hopes that letting his skin… um… air out, or something… without the irritation of clothes constantly rubbing against it will somehow help. He’ll get a cool bath later, and tomorrow we’ll wake up and it’ll be all gone, right? Right. And I’ll never find another bug in this house again, either.


Yucky rash? No clothes? SO WHAT? Clearly, it is business as usual for Oliver.



4 responses

30 04 2009

Ugh, poor little guy. Maybe let him play in an oatmeal bath?

30 04 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

oh man… that’s no fun!

And for the scratching… can you use like, cortizone or calamine?

30 04 2009

Poor guy. Poor, poor guy. Blah.

If it makes you feel better, I also wear beaters (or beater-like tank tops) to bed. I loathe sleeping in shirts with sleeves because they make my arms feel constrained and I loathe the wussy camisoles that come with women’s pajamas with the straps that always fall down. A nice, clingy, sleeveless, t-back tank is just the answer. Yes, indeedy.

Feel better, Oliver.

1 05 2009
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