Not Me! Monday

30 03 2009


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Here’s what I haven’t been doing:

*I did not leave a fork inside a 13″x9″ pan of brownies just so that it’d be easier to sneak a bite whenever I walked by the pan. I also did not eat the entire outside edge. Edges are not the most yummy things ever. In fact, I find them kind of gross.

*I did not pick someone’s escaped poop up off the floor of the mall. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeck no. Not only would that be disgusting, but it would also mean that someone pooped his pants (from whence the poo escaped) and I don’t know ANYONE who does that.

*I did not feed my children cereal for dinner the other night. We only ever eat completely balanced, organic meals in this house. We also always eat together as a family. (And therefore it goes without saying that I never eat my meals standing up at the stove, straight out of the pan/pot/dish/whathaveyou.)

*I did not screech at tell Ethan to “enjoy it while you can, young man!” as I watched him kick Oliver for the 12th time today, because “someday he’s gonna be bigger than you and he’ll beat the boogers out of you for the way you tortured him when he was little!” And I certainly did not add anything about my not feeling sorry for him when he gets what’s comin’ to him. Uh uh.

*I am not currently planning on making the drive up to my mom’s in PA (that’s pronounced, “pee-ay”), ALL BY MYSELF, just me and the boys, on Wednesday. That’s a 7ish-hour drive in a car with the two monsters, simultaneously driving and referee-ing and snack-handing-outing and keeping entertained-ing. No no. That would be madness. That would be asking for It. I am not doing this.

*Edited to add: MckMama’s little Stellan is currently fighting to get better, and he, as well as the whole MckFamily, are in my thoughts and prayers. Check out her blog for more info, and to offer up your own thoughts/prayers.*



One response

31 03 2009
RookieMom Whitney

I did not leave corn in a pyrex dish in the microwave overnight last night. Just like the previous day when we packed up for a picnic dinner and I certainly did not leave the most nutritious part of the children’s meal in a pyrex in the microwave. I mean, if I did it on Saturday night, then OBVIOUSLY I would not do it again on Sunday night, right?

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