We heart George

17 03 2009

What is it about that monkey? You know the one I’m talking about. My 15-month-old has a vocabulary of only 40ish words, and “George” is one of them. I suspect he might be such a fan mostly because his older brother is. Ethan LOVES Curious George on PBS, and amazingly, so do I; it is one of VERY FEW kids shows I can sit through, and even enjoy. There are no annoying characters (ZOE (from Sesame Street) I AM TALKING TO YOU) and no annoying voices (now I’m talking to you, Baby Bear, Wheezie, CAILLOU, and a bazillion others). And it’s actually quite funny. Not to mention the math and science concepts little kids are introduced to in very age-appropriate and effective ways. We are kind of a whole family of George fans.

Which is why when I was given this new game, Curious George- Hide and Seek Zoo, to try out with Ethan and review, I knew not only would we have a hit on our hands, but also a big fat brawl. One game plus two boys equals CHAOS, you know. Thankfully, Ethan was IN LOVE with the walkie talkie (it comes with a walkie talkie! and The Man with the Yellow Hat uses it to talk to you! TO YOU! Not in Ethan’s wildest dreams, I tell you!) and busied himself with that while Oliver happily threw the cards around and tried to lose them (under the couch! nice one, little baby, well played! but I found it, so HA!). We made Ethan wait until after Ollie had gone down for a nap to play, and hoo boy, there’s nothing like finding your spouse crouched underneath the dining room table wearing a pig mask to brighten your day, lemmetellya.

The game is all about problem solving- there’s some kind of problem at the zoo, and you have to help George and The Man solve it. The Man uses the walkie talkie to give you instructions, and sometimes you’re problem solving and sometimes you’re moving the game piece, but SOMETIMES you get to put on animal masks (we are at a zoo, remember?) and hide and the person with the walkie talkie has to find you. It was great fun… so much fun, in fact, that Ethan BEGGED to sleep with that walkie talkie. And he also likes to randomly ask me throughout the day to put on the different masks, a request which I always oblige, OF COURSE. Why would I NOT want to imitate a giraffe while making lunch, I ask you? However: There might be nothing like hiding from/seeking your spouse and finding them in an animal mask, but there’s NO COMPARING to answering your door, forgetting you’re wearing the pig mask. (Not that I came close to actually doing that once or anything.)

I know that this is a game we’ll play again and again. If it were just a board game, where the only physical action came from spinning a spinner and moving a game piece, I don’t think I could say that. But the hide and seek aspect of the game had us all really into it. And honestly, it was cool to see my almost-4-year-old using his problem-solving skills to figure out how to solve the various dilemmas George had gotten himself into. And I could tell he felt pretty good about himself, too.



One response

18 03 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

This kind of thing is good to know.
My friends kid is turning four and I’m kinda running out of things to do with her.

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