Yeah, I get 8 hours a night, WHAT OF IT?

13 03 2009

I’ve been blessed with (don’t hate me!) (especially since you know they totally make up for it in other areas) (like EATING, for example- one of my children is a miracle! of! science! and is living even though he doesn’t eat) babies who sleep well. Babies who sleep well and turn into toddlers who continue to sleep well. We go through our nighttime routine, cuddle/rock them for a few minutes, lay them down, tuck them in, and leave the room. We *usually* don’t see them again until the crack of dawn.

Of course, there are exceptions. It isn’t always bliss every single night. Occasionally there are monsters. There are beds that little people randomly refuse to sleep in, for reasons unknown to us. You name it, we’ve heard it. This was especially true when Ethan, then 2 years old, unlocked the mystery that is the door knob. No longer was he limited to the confines of his room! He had the world at his fingertips, and sleep was not in the cards for him.

After transitioning to a toddler bed, we put the safety gate up in his doorway to keep him in his room. During one “nap” time, I had the privilege of listening to an original song composed by my 2-year-old Songwriter and Nap Protester:

I all done nap.

I open da door.

I all done nap.

I open da door.

Mommy open da door?

Daddy open da door?

I open da door.

I all done nap.

He sang this song to himself for a very long 20 minutes. (I’m glad that I posted about that, because it is one of eleventy gajillion things I’ve since forgotten. Score one for blogging.)

In searching for that post, I also found this one, in which I listed every single reason my 2-year-old gave me one afternoon for not wanting to take a nap. Apparently I hadn’t put the gate up, because I remember this particular day, and how he kept. coming. out. of. his. room, each time with a new excuse as to why the very idea of a nap was just plain offensive to him:

“I have to go potty.”

“I’m all done napping.”

“I pooped.”

“I need something!” “What do you need?” “Debbie!”*

“I have snot in my nose. Blow it.”

“I need more water.”

“I spilled my water all over my bed! Its everywhere!”

“Where did me buy this dog/car/camera/shirt/etc.?”

“I have nothing to do.”

“Let’s go to Daddy’s work!”

“Where’s Target?”

“I need something!” “What do you need this time?” “A hug.”

*We still do not know the identity of Debbie.

Fortunately for us, nap times tend to give us more of a problem than bed time. The boys have their night lights, which MUST be turned on, OR ELSE WE WOULD ALL SURELY PERISH. Actually, these lights from Sylvania would make a lot more sense, given that they are small, and the ones currently in the boys’ room are ginormous and light up the room like a stadium (I picked them out because they were cute and went with the theme, but in retrospect I’d maybe have taken into consideration the sheer size of the things before attaching them to the wall? Oh well…).

Further night time routine involves Ethan’s head, which must be petted for a few minutes, although this can only be done by me. But once I’ve left the room, on a typical night, he will talk to himself for a little while, and then fall asleep. Oliver, once you’ve laid him down, covered him up, and given him a kiss, will fall almost immediately to sleep, not even bothering to move around and get comfy first. Easy peasy, right?

But did I mention the not eating? Or our foray into our SECOND YEAR of potty training the same child? Or the discipline problems? They sleep well, yes. But my guess is that’s only because they are so darn tired from acting up, acting out and just generally being hooligans all throughout the day. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful well-rested, mkay?

This post was written for Parent Bloggers Network as part of a sweepstakes sponsored by SYLVANIA.



2 responses

13 03 2009

Hmm, ok, so you’ve headed me off the jealousy track, so what I gotta do… think of things you should be doing with that time instead of sleeping! Like, oh, my friend who knows my son snubs all foods that resemble something that was ever found in nature gave me the Jessica Seinfeld sneaky-food cookbook, how about whipping up some vegetable purees to freeze and insert in brownies and broths, instead of hogging all that shut-eye? LOL, l’m just kidding. That book is totally collecting dust on my shelf.

I love, love, love the song. And when you find Debbie, your nap troubles will be over! (Maybe the others as well, who knows!)

13 03 2009

Your little guys nap song sounds like a Kanye hit! Call American Idol now!!

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