I had a Targetectomy

10 03 2009

No, not spending any money the month of February did not kill me, as it appeared to have, given my lack of posting. If you’d asked me before I started this experiment, I would have said that YES, a Targetectomy COULD kill a person. But I know now that not only did I not die from abstaining from the glories of Target (not just Target; all unnecessary spending), but I… well, I kind of liked it. There! I said it. I LIKED not visiting Target every few days. I LIKED not feeling guilty for spending lots of money of stuff we didn’t even need. And hoo boy did I LIKE seeing all the ‘extra’ money in our account at the end of the month. Seriously, we ended the month with approximately $500-600 more than we normally do. Um, yikes?

It’s true that it was hard to get used to the first couple of days. But I did. And I saved us a lot of money. And both Jeff and I have agreed that this is going to be a regular thing; we’re going to shoot for a no-spend month every 3-4 months. And I’m confident that we can do it.

Oh, and the REAL reason it took me 9 years to get this post up? Not my Tagetectomy, no no. I’d planned to post Sunday, March 1st, about how the month went. But Saturday I woke up feeling like crap gone bad- headache, fever, chills, total body ache, ear aches in both ears (the likes of which I’ve not felt since I was little and got ear infections all the time), and the worst sore throat in the history of sore throats. So instead, I spent the weekend dividing my time between my bed and the couch (while the house grew messy and the laundry piled up around me), willing my body to get over the yuckiness before the week started and Jeff went back to work, leaving me to deal with children while fighting off the Bubonic Plague.

It did not, and Monday morning, despite a freak-of-nature blizzard, Jeff left me feverish, achey and hungry (it’s darn near impossible to eat without the ability to swallow, who’da thunk?) for the day. If it hadn’t been for the snow storm, I would have dragged the kids with me to the doctor that day, but as it is, I do not drive in the snow (this is thanks to putting my mom’s new car in a ditch off of I-90 in northern PA like 8 years ago during some horrible snow storm). So I waited till Tuesday to go to the doctor, because Tuesday was like 50 degrees and melted the blizzard away. After a few days of maybe it’s the tonsils, maybe it’s mono?, we found out it was strep throat. The antibiotics are doing their job and I’m feeling 100% better. But it took me a while to get back on track, what with all the digging out of the messy house I had to do (5 days of the plague and the house did not bother to clean itself while I was out of commission, can you believe it?), not to mention how behind I got with my schoolwork. SO. I’m better, and my house clean (enough) and I’m caught up with my studying, and lucky you get to go back to reading all about my boring life.

And now, out-of-date as this is, the last week’s worth of stats from the no-spend month:

Friday, February 20 through Saturday, February 28


$215.60- groceries (from both the commissary and Whole Foods, though next time I’m going to try Trader Joe’s instead) and gas


$96.41- some random iTunes purchases and Microsoft points (made by Jeff, who BROKE THE RULES), Papa John’s, once or twice (I was sick, remember? And, uh, Jeff doesn’t cook), a purchase at the Class Six (I STRUGGLED with this one, cause alcohol is TOTALLY NECESSARY, right?), and I think that’s it.



2 responses

11 03 2009

Great job!

I think Phil and I may try this, a no-spend month (other than necessities) every so often. It’s really good to get back to what we really NEEd…not want.

Btw…we LOVE Trader Joes! Once you get used to the things they stock, you find prices are very comparable to the generic brands you get at the grocery store/Wal-Mart. And if you don’t like something…they’ll take it back. Every time. Has helped us try out some things with no fear!

11 03 2009

Good for you!!!!! Do you perform out-patient procedures? I need to have a Targetectomy, too. And, definitely a Starbucksectomy.

Sorry about the strep – I had that twice a year, every year until I had my tonsils out at 23. Strep sucks donkey ass, totally.

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