Not me

9 03 2009

Hallie told me to do a Not Me Monday, and I do what Hallie says. (You will too, if you know what’s good for ya.) So here are some things that I did not do today:

*I did not leave the beef that was browning for ziti on the stovetop while I went to check my e-mail. Said beef did not then burn due to my neglect.

*I did not put a cake into the oven to bake and then never set a timer for it. I did not then later wonder why my cake wasn’t fricken’ done ALREADY, what up? Eventually I did take it out of the oven. I have no idea if it’s thoroughly baked at all, but eh. So what. It’s cake, how bad can it be?

*I did not forget all about the load of laundry just stinkin’ it up in my washer right now. Oops.

*I did not encourage the inappropriateness of my 3-year-old teaching my 14-month-old to say, “poo poo,” by laughing. A lot.

*I did not just eat a giant slice of cake at 11pm. (What? It felt like 10pm, and that makes it JUST FINE.)

*I did not eat this cake all by lonesome, while my husband stood me up for zombies or elves or some other such nonsense.



2 responses

9 03 2009

aww excellent not me. You had a lot of not me kitchen mishaps.

10 03 2009

i didn’t stand you up. i was just busy when you wanted to eat some.

…and it was zombies, FYI.

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