7 02 2009

I can’t quite pinpoint the exact reason, but I absolutely loathe putting gas in my car. It seems like every time I go to get gas, all the pumps are sporting plastic bags to indicate that they are all out, and then I have to go somewhere else, or the credit card system is down, meaning that I can’t pay at the pump, I have to go inside. Which would be fine, except that that means I have to then bundle up and remove two small children from their car seats and take them in just for the few minutes it will take to pay. Which is annoying. I don’t know. It’s just one of those really annoying errands that I put off running (MUCH LIKE THE POST OFFICE) because while it’d be nothing more than a minor inconvenience if I were alone, to do it with little kids in tow somehow makes it a million times more exhausting.

On Wednesday, I was heading home from the mall when I realized I needed to get gas soon. True to form, I decided to put it off till we went to the boys’ music class the next day. Well, we were running late that morning, as we always are, so I figured I’d stop afterwards, since we drive by at least 3 stations on the way. Well. The gas light still hadn’t come on by the time we were leaving class, even though I was way below an eighth of a tank. So I knew I could make it home (one-way to class is only like 8 minutes of driving). And I did. And I plan to not go anywhere tomorrow at all. That way when Jeff gets home on Saturday, he can go put gas in the car.

Is there are a word for this kind of crazy? I mean, who schedules their life around not having to gas up their vehicle?

Thursday, February 5, 2009


$0.00 (This is where I would list the gas, had I bought any.)



Friday, February 6, 2009


$263.68- monthly car loan payment


$5.10 (Jeff said he bought some snacks for his return trip home. He does not agree with me that this was *technically* unnecessary. But this is MY blog.)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


$32.50- gas



And we are back on the wagon.

*Update: The gas light came on the moment we’d pulled from our driveway into the street this afternoon. Jeff was driving. Jeff got the gas. My plan worked.



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8 02 2009

I definitely like the way you think about getting your husband to pump your gas. I don’t like it much either. I think it’s because I am more of a germaphobe than a gasaphobe and I think of the pump handles as teeming with other people’s sweat and bacteria, like doorknobs. I use hand sanitizer in the car when I HAVE to pump it myself.

9 02 2009
Mae West

You are too funny and I totaly agree with you about the gas. I hate pumping it in any weather below 70 degrees and sunny.

9 02 2009

You’re funny! That’s a lot of effort to make someone else put gas in a car!!! Although, on a windy day, I’d about pay someone to do it for me. BRRR.

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