Time dismanagement

4 02 2009

I have studying (!) I need to get to. I’d hoped to finagle some time during the day while Ollie napped and Ethan watched some PBS, wherein I could get some school work done. But it was not to be, I would learn, as I sat down to do it and Ethan started whining that he wanted to dooooooo something, he was boooooooored. And couldn’t in good conscience yell at him to just go watch tv, Mommy’s busy! So I gave in and colored and did some workbook pages with him.

Which is why I now find myself just sitting down to begin my work, at 9 in the evening. Baths, on top of dinner, on top of sweeping, dishes, picking up, ET FREAKING CETERA, you know. And uh, blogging. And this is where I am. Perhaps I’ll have to take a time management course next?

Oh, and one more thing- a tip from me to you: your 3-year-old? Who insists on doing everything himself? Most of the time, let him. It’s good for his sense of independence. But sometimes? When he asks if he can spray air freshener in the bathroom because, in his words, he “stunk it up real good”? Don’t let him. And for bling’s sake, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HELP HIM. Unless you’d like for your hair, your right eye, your nostrils and your mouth to reek of Linen Breeze for the rest of the week, thanks to his trigger finger and your face in the bullseye. In which case, go for it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The no-spend stats for Tuesday, February 3, 2009


$0.00 It was not a bill-paying day in our house.


$0.00 We only left the house to get some fresh air and take a walk in the brisk, unforgiving cold. That don’t cost a thing.



2 responses

5 02 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

hhmmm, so linen breeze is not a topical application?
Duly noted.

5 02 2009

Ha!!! I mistakenly let Patrick have the chore of Febreezing the couch and big chair after I had vacuumed, and it took two days for all the pillows to dry out!!!!! I can only imagine the air freshener problem!!!

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