3 02 2009

Yesterday was webinar day (what an ugly word, ‘webinar’). I learned I’ll be committing 15-20 hours a week to coursework/study, which seems doable. I sat in our office/laundry room for the duration of the webinar (bleeech!), while Oliver napped and Ethan… well. I set him up in the living room with Shrek, juice and a snack; I didn’t think I’d see hide nor tail of him (that is both the first and last time I use that expression) the whole time. But 5 minutes in, with another 35 to go, he comes running in and crashes (literally) into me, going on about something, while I’m trying to hear what the instructor is saying. I told him to go back and watch the movie, and he goes, “But you need to come see the mess I made!” GROAN.

I didn’t survey the mess until after the webinar (omg, can I just stop saying that word?) was over. It wasn’t too bad, just lots of toys all over the place and a juice box tipped over (none of it had spilled, thankfully). He said he’d gotten “energetic” during the scene where the knights try to defeat Shrek, which I should have expected, and that’s when he’d made the mess. This little experience tells me that perhaps I won’t be able to sneak in an hour of study each day like I’d hoped. Not when there is a knight-in-training who needs constant supervision lest he flood the house in Juicy Juice.

Here are the no-spend stats.

Monday, February 2, 2009:


Car insurance– $400.00

Gas & Electric– $164.00



Wow. This is easier than I thought! All I have to do is… never leave the house… again. And voilá! Money! Who’da thought?



One response

4 02 2009

You go, Sally Struthers. You go!

Also, it’s not that you can’t leave the house. It’s that you can’t go into stores. Go to the library, go to the park, go to…ummm…somewhere else… (Can you tell I’m not a stay at home mom? I have no idea where to take children during the day.) Just, for the love of all that is holy, don’t go to Target.

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