28 days of nothing

2 02 2009

What moron proclaims February “No Spend Month”? The one month where begging hinting hoping for unnecessary gifts of jewelry is OKAY? When fancy, expensive dinners and outrageously priced roses are a given? THIS moron, that’s who. (HA! As if I’d get any of these things even without the ban!)

I mentioned a few months ago that I’d heard about this and wanted to try it, and well. Here we go. I’m not what you’d call ‘excited’ for it. I enjoy spending money. Especially at Target. And especially on clothes. And, I’ll admit it, I sometimes go shopping when I can’t think of anything else to do, if only to just get us out of the house. And well, that’s not really a good habit, now is it? So if I can possibly break myself of this habit, and maybe save a few bucks along the way, well. Yay.

In preparation for the Big Day, I spent the last day of January, the last day where I was “allowed” to purchase unnecessaries, purchasing unnecessaries. (A few were things we did actually need, like Ethan’s slippers- his toes were literally poking out of his Transformers slippers, for example; some were things that I knew we were going to need very soon, like the pajamas, which my boys outgrow at an exponential rate.) Here is exactly what I bought:

At Stride Rite:

One pair of child’s dinosaur slippers, whose eyes flash red when you stomp- $10.02, down from $22

At Auntie Anne’s:

One unsalted regular pretzel- $3.14

At Macy’s:

Two men’s dress shirts- $52.04

At Target:

one box Swiffer duster sheets

two shirts for myself

two pairs of pj’s for Oliver

one pair pj’s for Ethan

one 3-pack of gum

two bags licorice

two bags Valentine’s Day-themed candy

one 3-pack underpants (Spider-Man & Friends!) for Ethan

one pair of pants for Ethan

forty-five photo prints of the boys

one pair Valentiney socks with hearts for myself

one box of Archer Farms brand fruit leather (yum)

Target total: $89.51

A month of no spending, and THAT was all I could foresee us possibly needing? We’re going to live in our pajamas and eat licorice? Where are the toys? The DVDs? The spring wardrobes? The books and the yarn and the quesadilla makers and the Slankets and the OH NO WHAT HAVE I DONE?

Poor planning on my part. Very poor. But at least our feet will be socked and/or slippered.

My goal this month is to not spend money on anything unnecessary; unless it is a bill, effects our transportation in some way (ie, gas or car repair), effects someone’s health, or it is food (grocery store only, no eating out), it will not be purchased. To help keep myself accountable, I’m going to post here EVERYTHING I spend money on, every day, for the next 28 days. (Well, technically 27 now, right?)

Sunday, February 1, 2009:


Rent– $1750.00


Not a dime, wahoo! Off to a great start. Then again, we didn’t even leave the house. So. Yeah.

Thankfully, I picked the shortest month of the year to try out this little experiment. This was totally coincidental, I swear.



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2 02 2009

Email me at jenefur at yahoo dot com… I want to tell you about something that could save you money.

3 02 2009
Webinar « Sublime Bedlam

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5 02 2009

Oh, I love-hate Target. I can’t seem to leave the place for less than $75. It just happens. I’ve been getting better, but still… there is so much great stuff there!!! I will watch you with interest this next month, since your habits sound a lot like mine. Sigh.

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