I guess I’ll be needing a new lunchbox now

1 02 2009

I won’t bore you with the reasons for my disappearance from blogging; we all know I do this. I will continue to do this, probably, and that’s that. So! Moving on. Jeff left yesterday, for yet another business trip, this time for what will, I believe, be his longest one yet, at 7 days. It is worth noting that I am far more confidant in my Dealing Skills this time than I have been in the past. I can’t say why this is for certain. My biggest problem used to be Ethan; he is A HANDFUL, to put it nicely. And then you add in another kid on top of taking care of my HANDFUL, and I just felt like I’d failed before he even left.

Ethan hasn’t magically changed or anything. But he’s less of a HANDFUL and more of a handful these days, and the only thing that has changed is my perspective. I realize that his behavior is typical, he is 3, after all. I used to look at it in a way that was all about me- why is my child so naughty? why do I have to deal with his talking back/hitting/disobeying/screaming, etc.? what am I doing wrong? I’d let his tantrums get to me and I’d go from calm to outraged in no time, thus losing the ability to deal with the situation. But I am constantly reminding myself not to lose my cool, not to let go and start yelling, and I’ve noticed over time that it helps. He is still a handful, don’t get me wrong. But talking out his anger/frustration, redirecting him, and keeping my cool have helped to lead me away from the whiny ‘why me’ thoughts.

And thus, we are having a much smoother temporary single parent stint than stints past. And this even with a big change coming up for us: I start training for a new! and exciting! career! in the medical field! on Monday. No, seriously. You know those commercials that used to be on tv, where a woman (am I mistaken or was it Sally Struthers?) would stand there and tell you why NOW was the time to enroll in a rewarding career as a *blank* today! as all the said careers scrolled by on the screen to her left (tv/vcr repair, criminal justice, paralegal studies, veterinary technology, medical transcriptionist, etc.). I think that those commercials gave those careers a bad rep. I don’t know how *rewarding* this’ll turn out to be, but I’m willing to take a chance. I need something (seriously, NEEED something, ANYTHING) that will allow my brain to focus on something OTHER THAN MY CHILDREN AND THEIR BOWELS for just a few hours a day.

I can complete the 12 months of training entirely online, at night after the boys go to bed. And when that’s done, I will continue to work solely from home, at times convenient for me. The pay isn’t spectacular. But that’s not my reason for getting a job, we’re doing fine on Jeff’s income. If all I make is enough to cover what I pay in school loans each month, then FINE. (Though it should actually be more than that, in which case as a bonus, I will be able to support my Target habit.) And furthermore, if I happen to move in a few years, which, being in the military we are kind of KNOWN FOR, there will be no quitting my job and looking for a new one wherever we end up. A very convenient career for the military spouse, medical transcription is.

Monday is the first day of class. I haven’t been to a class since I was in college, wlkelaiejw years ago. (Unless you count two babies’ worth of pregnancy/labor classes, which alright, yeah, they both have ‘class’ in the name, but I didn’t learn anything from the pregnancy classes except for Things To Be Afraid Of, such as ‘The Many Ways One Can Die During a 9-Month-Period’ and ‘The Many Ways One Can Screw Up Her Unborn Fetus’ so NO, I don’t count that as class.) (Although I did wear sweatpants to all of those classes, just like in actual college.) Unfortunately, we have an orientation webinar at noon, which requires me to postpone Oliver’s nap (normally at 10, I’ll try to make him wait till 11:30), and, um… tranquilize Ethan? I don’t know, haven’t figured that part out yet. Whatever I do, I’m sure it will involve bribes sweetened with his most favorite pink milk.

I recently found myself staring at the crazies that come with being a mother who pretty much has no life outside of her kids. I’m hoping that this will allow my brain to do something other than arts & crafts & yelling. I’m looking forward to it.

And ah, yes- found that commercial I was talking about. Medical transcriptionist isn’t specifically mentioned, but whatev. Same diff.



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1 02 2009

Welcome back, I missed you. I wish you all the luck with your online schooling and give you credit for taking the pludge. I am lazy and would never think of doing it just because I have ONE child. I am so jealous you got snow! Northern Alabama has gotten nothing. Well, I guess I shouldn’t complain considering some parts of other states have lost power and are without heat for awhile. It was a sunny 53 degrees here which I won’t complain about either. I love the pictures, your kids are so cute. Ethan’s art was wonderful and Oliver really did look like an Ewak. Oh, and your Recycle Town was awesome, you make me sick with your creativity. (JK) Gook luck this week without Jeff, you can do it, your SUPERMOM!

2 02 2009
Ethan's Oma

just do your best, honey. and don’t forget your lunch money !

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