You’re cramping my style, Christmas

9 01 2009

Can someone please tell me why it’s January 9th and there is still a fake plastic tree in my living room?

A month ago I was loving the Christmas decorations- the glass, tree-shaped candy dish here, the plush, jingly-belled reindeer over there- I was excited to get the house all Christmasy-ed up. In fact, I may have fought for (and lost) putting them up the day after Thanksgiving. You only get to have the poinsettias and the wreaths around for such a short time, once a year. I wanted to make the most of it.

Like the houseguest who leaves her hair all over your bathroom, these snowflakes, snowmen and stockings have overstayed their welcome. I am BEYOND ready to get them taken down. We have a few big red and green plastic bins we keep most of this stuff in when it isn’t cramping my style all over the house. But those bins are currently in their storage place out in the shed, and both Jeff and I are too lazy to trudge out there to get them. I know us better than to think this is a task that’ll be accomplished on a weeknight, and so it looks as though they’ll be sticking around at least another couple of days.

But is another couple of days more than I’ll be able to take? Because I swear to you, if one of my children pushes the button that brings on the wrath of the “talking” stuffed Santa (who no longer talks but rather moans and roars creepily, thanks to dying batteries I refuse to replace because, hello, that would be ENCOURAGING the annoyingness) one more time, then I will start chucking all things Christmas in the fireplace. Including you, Santa. Starting with you, in fact.


If burning all your holiday decorations doesn’t sound like a solution to you, check out Right@Home for some post-holiday clean-up ideas, and much more. This post was written as part of a sweepstakes for Parent Bloggers Network.



3 responses

9 01 2009

I have a naked live/dead tree in my living room. Totally undecorated and the decorations even made it to storage. I hope I don’t like the drop-off dates. Oh well.

9 01 2009

Your trek to the storage shed would not be like those of us up here in PA. so get to it son of mine. Altho I must say our things are still up too! Tomorrow is the day it all gets put away I HOPE!!!

9 01 2009

Almost everyone I know still has their Christmas crap up this year, us included. I don’t know what it is about this year in particular, but here we all are, still staring at our trees. Usually I’m adamant about getting it down on Jan 1, but here it is the 9th. Tomorrow is the day, but still. huh.

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