Evolution of a name-caller

5 01 2009

Age: 2.5-3 yrs

Insult: “You couch/table/book/toy, etc.” (Basically any inanimate object will do; nothing is off limits.)

Age: 3-3.5 yrs

Insult: “You little cardboard Mommy/Daddy/Oliver.” (He has included an (albeit, inoffensive) adjective. He’s getting the idea.)

Age: 3.5 (for a few weeks in November)

Insult: “You little baby size/babysize.” (Again, not offensive (unless you happen to know what, exactly, a “babysize” is…). What matters is that HE thinks it’s mean.)

Age: 3.5 (for the other few weeks in November)

Insult: “You little furball.” (Ah, improvement: here we have something that may actually insult someone. An animal rights activist, perhaps.)

Age: 3.5 (currently)

Insult: “You little big metal mouth.” (Now we’re getting somewhere. Doesn’t quite make sense, but the insult is clearly there. Solid.)

Seasonal: “You little Santa head!” (Uh, because he is festive?)

And a bonus: When he’s REALLY angry, Ethan will say to you in a quiet, menacing voice: “Block it off.” Creepy. And also, whuh?



4 responses

6 01 2009

Billy’s (3.5 year old) favorite and thankfully only unsult is, “GO HOME MOMMY!”

6 01 2009

opps, I meant insult

6 01 2009

Hahaha! Did he misunderstand “Knock it off?” Maybe I’m totally weird but now I am looking forward to seeing what Liam comes up with for namecalling. Lately he’s been calling me Daddy but I think he means it in a good way.

9 01 2009

I like ‘block it off’ better than ‘knock it off’! It’s funny what they interpret as insults. How funny that if you said those things to him, he would totally take massive offense! I wonder what he would do?

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