Hate ’em, but making ’em anyway

1 01 2009

I hate making resolutions. However, there are so many things wrong with me that if I don’t resolve to improve at least a few of them, they will never, ever let me get my crown. And I do so want a crown. So:

*I will not get angry with Jeff for getting me a bowl of cereal. I will recognize that it is a thoughtful gesture on his part, and just get over the fact that his ratio of cereal to milk is not the same as mine, and that’s okay.

*I will give Target significantly less of my money this year. Same goes for you, Old Navy.

*I will learn to let go of things, both emotionally (I tend to hold a grudge) as well as physically (the chances of a national disaster that will leave us all desperately in need of empty glass baby food jars, empty baby wipe boxes, and are zilch, and I must come to terms with this).

*I’ll use the caps lock sparingly. Not everything needs to be YELLED AT YOU, right?

*For the love of bananas, I will start reading the labels on the things I buy; I have brought home an item in the wrong variety/flavor/size/gender etc. one too many times.

*I will either install rearview mirrors on myself, or start turning and looking before I move, lest I knock Ethan to the ground with my booty once more. So far, he’s always bounced right back from these accidents. But I fear having to explain his head-injury-due-to-a-butt to the ER nurse someday, and thus I shall try harder to contain my rear in the coming year.



5 responses

2 01 2009

I never make resolutions because I can never, ever keep them. Good for you for taking the first step and good luck, I’m cheering for you. he he

2 01 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Good luck this year.
At least they’re reasonable resolutions…

2 01 2009

i highly approve of the first three resolutions.

the fourth; i could care less how much you YELL at other people 😛

the fifth resolution will come as a shock though, i’ve grown to expect products that are “reduced fat”, “self rising”, or “solid stick” when they weren’t on the grocery list that way (it always brings a smile to my face).

and as funny as i find hearing “OW!” “sorry buddy, i didn’t see you there!” from the other room, i think ethan will really appreciate the sixth resolution.

good luck!

6 01 2009

I am pretty caps-lock friendly, myself. I see it as more emphasis than yelling, because that’s how I mean it. Caps lock is more eye-catching than, say, italics or bold print. So really. If there’s one resolution you don’t keep, this will break few hearts.

9 01 2009

Strictly speaking, would that make him a butthead?

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