This is his family

30 12 2008

In between not unpacking the last 7 boxes, not cleaning the bathroom (okay, there are only so many days I can put this one off, I KNOW, but why oh why can’t the bathroom just clean itself?), and not doing the laundry (no matter how many loads I do, there are always. dirty. clothes. And seriously, if I’m never going to be able to wash everything, why wash anything at all?), I somehow managed to find the time to help Ethan make a totally awesome birthday present to give to Oliver on his first.


What I find so great about this little book is that it really came from Ethan himself; there was minimal help from me (I did the cutting, writing and laminating; Ethan colored the pages, glued on the heads and text bubbles, told me what to write, and drew the bodies). Each person’s card was punched with a hole and attached to a ring for easy flipping. For each family member, I asked Ethan to tell me something about them, either something they liked to do, something he liked about them, something they did, etc. And I made myself promise to go with his first answer for every person- no leading questions, no trying to get him to give a “better” answer that fit with the book’s theme more. (I wouldn’t exactly call myself a perfectionist, but, you know, I LIKE THINGS TO BE PERFECT, what is so wrong with that?) And I stuck with it. Except for Jeff’s page. Originally, it just said “Daddy goes to work.” But Jeff happened to overhear Ethan talking about the book he made for Oliver, and happened to overhear him mistakenly say, “And this is my Daddy, he plays video games…” So of course, Jeff pitched a fit, whining and moaning about how that was a much cooler answer and blah blah blah. So I compromised and added it along with the original statement.


(Click to make it bigger and read what Ethan had to say about his family members.)

My other favorite part? Should any other family members happen to arrive someday in the future, they can totally be added to the book, quite seamlessly. How convenient!



5 responses

31 12 2008
Stephanie of Stopbouncing


So cute and fodder for I-Don’t-Like-Your-Girlfriend-Blackmail.

(And whoooooo was the “a lot a lot of work” pusher????)

31 12 2008

Stephanie: I SWEAR, I had nothing to do with that statement! He came up with it all on his own, I’m not joking. Because trust me, if I was going to do that, I would have eliminated the “and she’s squishy” part. 🙂

31 12 2008
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

that’s what surprised me is that you would put one in and leave one out.
Unless you got the same fit that he gave about Jeff working…

31 12 2008

love it !!!!!!!

9 01 2009

This is GREAT! How adorable and sweet and funny!

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