Nurse Foot Fetish

30 12 2008

(Interesting title, yes? Its purpose is to disguise this post full of boring updates. Sorry to disappoint.)

A quick update on Oliver: he’s totally fine now. But you know that rash I was worried about him getting? Yeah, he got it. I brought him back to the doctor’s, fearing it was an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. Turns out, no. Just the Roseola. And a day later, he is back to his normal, happy self. Only splotchier.

Speaking of Oliver and the doctor’s office: remember his toes? You know, THESE toes? Still as edible as the day I first saw them. Also not seeming to have any effect on his learning to walk (we had wondered if the squished-in-edness of them would hinder him in any way), since he’s getting better and better at it. And I know all mothers are required to find their babies’ toes nomilicious, but I have proof that it’s not just me: at his doctor’s appointment, the nurse getting his vitals remarked on his adorable feet, oohing and ahhing over them, tickling them and baby-talking to them. She then asked if she could go show the other nurses. I stammered an ‘Uh… sure..?’ and then hoped she’d forget and just take us to the exam room. I redressed him and we were on our way when she stopped, knocked a door, and said, “You guys! You have to see this baby’s feet!” Once again, I removed his shoes and socks, and Oliver spent a good 3 minutes having his feet oohed and ahhed over, tickled and talked to, yet again, all the while with this “What in the name of Fisher Price is going on here?” look on his face. Which was totally a cover, because I know he loved the attention.

And since I’m updating and already on the subject of health, Ethan, too, is recovering well. In fact, I’d say he is 98% recovered from his surgery. Basically, he’s reached the point where he no longer gets any sympathy just for looking pathetic. It’s back to the daily routine and chores and waking before dawn to milk the cows for him!

Oh, yes, and one more thing: I think I’ve decided to stay with this theme for the blog. I would LOVE for Jeff to design me something of my very own, but I know that would never happen. Like I said, I love the guy, but put something on his to-do list and there it will stay for 47 years, or until you take his 360 away, whichever comes first.



4 responses

31 12 2008

Glad to hear the boys are doing fine now.

9 01 2009

I’m so glad that everyone’s fine. Rashes make me nervous.

21 01 2009
Blonde Feet / Footfetish / Foot 4 | FootFetishTalk

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27 05 2009

Good stuff, I “Stumbled” you. My DIGG account got messed up but I like Stumbling better anyway.

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