Bring on the new year

27 12 2008

Hoo, boy, am I glad Christmas is over. It’s not that I hate gifts, or Christmas dinner with family, or pretty snow (not that we had any of that, AHEM), or anything. It’s just… the build-up and the let-down, ya know? All that time, spent buying stuff, very little of which was anything anyone actually had a genuine need for. And then in 30 minutes, it’s over, there’s a mess of wrapping paper covering the living room floor, and it’ll be, what? 2 days? 3? before I hear Ethan whining that he wants to do something, all of these toys are “old” and “yucky” and (his current choice word) “dead.”

Wow, how depressing am I? I should just be glad that as of this moment, Ethan still finds his new toys awesome. My mom got him a little tent from Ikea and he LOVES it. Before he even got in it himself, he brought every single toy he’d gotten, as well as all of Oliver’s toys, into it, leaving about a square foot of room for him to sit. Then he asked me to close it up for him, and there he sat, inside his little red tent, quietly entertaining himself for at least 30 minutes. WHO KNEW all I had to do was BUY HIM LOTS OF STUFF in order to get a moment’s peace?

Unfortunately, despite the peace Ethan gifted me with this Christmas, things still have not been very peaceful around here. At least for Oliver, anyway. On Christmas eve (the night of his birthday, for goodness’ sake!), I went in to check on him at about midnight, because he was fussing and moaning a lot. I found him to be literally hot to the touch and whisked him away to thermometers and baby Tyelnol and fluids. His temperature was 104 degrees. Luckily, it was controllable with the medicine, but it was up and down and all over the place, all night long. He seemed a little better the next day, so we figured whatever it was had run its course and was on its way out. By 11 or so that night, the fever and fussiness and just general miserableness were back. It is so hard to watch your baby experience pain, and not know what you can do for him, especially when there really aren’t any other symptoms that you can try to treat.

Well, I got him in to see the doctor this morning and it turns out he is fighting off a double ear infection. Either that, or it’s Roseola; the doctor wouldn’t rule that out, though she was pretty sure it was the ears. He’s on antibiotics for the first time in his life, so hopefully we won’t find out soon that he’s allergic to them (Jeff and I are, so we’re hoping this isn’t something you pass to your children?). If he’s allergic, he’ll most likely break out in hives or a rash. But the thing is, if it’s not the ear infection, and is in fact the Roseola, then we’re looking at a rash anyway, and how will I know which is the cause of the rash? Ah, the joys of being a parent. Confusion and questioning yourself till your brain bleeds. So rewarding, this gig.

Hope you had a whine- and rash-free holiday! Now can we start 2009 already?



2 responses

29 12 2008
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

oy vey.
At least Ethan played in the tent and not in the box it came in.

30 12 2008
Nurse Foot Fetish « Sublime Bedlam

[…] quick update on Oliver: he’s totally fine now. But you know that rash I was worried about him getting? […]

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