It’s not Christmas

25 12 2008

That was the weirdest Christmas eve (Eve?) ever. Very un-Christmasey-feeling like. For example: there is not only no snow on the ground, there is also no sign of snow for the rest of the winter. Boo. For further example, we baked and ate birthday cake, had pizza for dinner, and opened birthday presents in front of the Christmas tree. Weeeeird. Oh, and also: I did not spend my evening hours hastily wrapping (oddly-shaped) toys. (Which, Dear Toy Makers: Seriously, please package everything you make, from here on out, in square or rectangular packages, NOTHING ELSE, Thanks!) Something got into me, and I somehow had everything wrapped ahead of time. Bizarre.

Instead I spent my child-free evening hours watching the second seasons of both 30 Rock and Veronica Mars while drinking (mint chocolate Bailey’s with ice cream and crushed chocolate cookies and YUM) with Jeff (and ooh! I just thought of another odd thing: once upon a time, I could hold my liquor (well, maybe not so much with the “holding” part, but I could definitely throw it down); now I’m buzzed after two sips, and flat-out stupid on the floor after one drink. What up, Universe?).

Will tomorrow feel a bit more Christmasey? Will there be a Christmas miracle when it snows? Will we watch A Christmas Story while drinking eggnog? Will we get into a big dramatic family fight over Christmas dinner? One can hope.

Merry holidays to you!




4 responses

25 12 2008

May you have family drama : ) Merry Christmas!

25 12 2008

you’re welcome to all the snow we’ve gotten here in the portland, oregon area. seriously. please. come. take. it. away.

we’re not equipped for snow like this.
christmas eve service got cancelled. i’m not feeling real christmasy anymore.

i hope you get snow and all the family drama you can handle.

25 12 2008

I know what you mean because here in Alabama it was 68 degrees today, we played outside, with no coats! I am from Wisconsin and wishing for a white Christmas myself. Here’s hoping we both get our Christmas miracle.

And Veronica Mars is/was the best show ever! Can you believe they canceled it?!

25 12 2008
Ethan's Oma

Merry Christmas to you all ! It rained here in dreary Erie today, high of about 45 !! And they say it’s gonna come close to 60 on Saturday……EErie.

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