38: the magical age

22 12 2008

It occurs to me that I maybe give my kids a bad rep here on Sublime Bedlam. I complain about the 3-year-old a lot (to be fair, he gives me an absurd amount of ammo). And when it comes to Oliver, I kind of only ever mention his astonishing size. In fact, I believe I may have written just a few weeks ago something about how his “big fat cheeks” make up for “the smell,” referring to his unwashedness. Ahem. They’re going to hate me someday, aren’t they?

Well, let’s talk about how cute they are for a change, shall we? A few nights ago after putting Ethan to bed, I kept Oliver up a little later. I was bringing him out to the kitchen to sit in his highchair and drink some milk while I did the dishes. Oliver, or Smarty Pants, if you prefer (AND I DO), knows a couple of signs (although, as someone once told me, “Even monkeys can learn sign language.”) (totally unrelated: why is it “monkeys” and not “monkies”? Doesn’t “-ies” make more sense?). When he noticed me pulling his highchair into the kitchen, he knew what was coming. But instead of signing “eat,” he started signing “more.” I’m thinking this is because he eats so much (he is a chubby boy, have you seen him?), that it’s as if the meal never ends; there is only ever “more.” More food. MORE.

Huh. Well. That didn’t work. Still sounds more like ragging on him than focusing on his cuteness. Let me try this again.

My baby is quickly becoming less ‘baby’ and more ‘little boy.’ He laughs more at his brother’s antics than his mother’s silly faces. He makes that car noise that only little boys know to make when they’re “driving” their toy cars on the floor and under tables. He loves to play “chase,” and to “walk” (when we hold both his hands) on top of his brother; the walking on his brother bit has never failed to result in uncontrollable giggles. He dances on command, says “Uh oh!” in the cutest little voice whenever someone drops something, and will give you his cheek when you ask for a kiss. These are all beautiful things that I love about him, and I love how independent he is growing. But I won’t lie to you: I am thankful that he still fits just right into my arms when I hold him, and needs to wrap my hair around his hands when he is tired, and will close his weary eyes when I kiss them. Some of the baby traits remain, and I’m glad.


I also have another adorable son about whom I can say lots of nice things; I tend to harp on the difficulties when it comes to Ethan, but he really is an awesome little kid. Today we were in his room, where he had instructed me to sit down on the floor and watch him do his “tricks.” Oh, and I’d also been instructed to call him “Tom.” (I HAVE NO IDEA, to answer your question.) His “tricks” consisted of lots and lots of jumping, and spinning, kicking, growling, and something that resembled river dancing. They were, indeed, tricky. But the best part was the costume. He performed these “tricks” while wearing nothing but his still-bed-heady hair, a pajama top, a pair of Cars underpants, a pair of his baby brother’s Baby Legs (which, if you don’t know, are basically leg warmers for babies) that are black and have skulls on them, and a pair of black and gold Batman socks. Priceless.

At one point during the “tricks,” he stopped, out of breath, and sat down in front of me, saying he needed to take a little break. Through his heavy breathing, he said to me, ” I know! Let’s pretend you’re 38.”

“Uh. Okaaaay. Why are we pretending that I’m 38?”

“Because! That’s when you turn into Spiderman. SILLY.” (He said “silly,” but I could tell by his tone of voice that he meant “moron.”)

Ah the logic of the 3-year-old mind. I LOVE IT. It is times like these that get me through the rough days.



5 responses

22 12 2008
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Oh, see, now I have good to look forward too (the hair twirling, not the spiderman at 38).

And WHERE do kids get these things?

22 12 2008
Ethan's Oma

Hey, I’ll be 38 soon, will I turn into spiderman too ?

22 12 2008

very cute! I can’t believe Oliver will be 1 in two days. Time goes fast!

22 12 2008

holy cow! that’s right Oliver will be 1 soon! I remember when he was born and I thought that was just yesterday. Where does the time go. I never get tired of hearing what Ethan has to say because it is always so off the wall and funny.

24 12 2008

Stephanie: I asked him once, where he comes up with this stuff. His answer was, “I’m just funny, Mom, alright?” in this way-annoyed voice. Is he 3 or 16??? Because I DON’T KNOW.

Ethan’s Oma: I will let you know in 10 years.

Hallie: NO KIDDING! Time is so uncool. Let’s not invite Time to hang out with us anymore.

Mae: Yes, he does say funny things. But what you said about Billy, how he looks at the pictures and laughs and says, “Oh, Ethan” like Ethan said something funny? That had me peeing myself, I laughed so hard. Cause I can TOTALLY hear Billy saying that! 🙂

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