Next year we’re sending e-cards

19 12 2008

I hope the fact that I gave birth to these two nutballs does not mean that the following pictures (the outtakes from our annual holiday photo shoot for the Christmas card, or Thirty-five Minutes in Crazy, as it is also known) are only amusing to me. I hope YOU can laugh at my children, too.


Note the subtle, nearly hidden strangulation hold Ethan has on Oliver’s neck. Also note: the pain and fear in Oliver’s face.


This was a cute idea… And then Ethan closed his eyes. And then Oliver’s Macy’s-float-sized head jumped out of the picture and SMOTHERED YOU. So, no. Next?


Notice how Oliver seems to be giving you a look that says, See? I’m the good child.


This picture creeps me out because you know those scary, faceless, child-size mannequins in the window at The Children’s Place? THEY ARE MY CHILDREN.


We thought giving them props might help. We were WRONG, as evidenced by the freaky half-boy, half-bear child who snuck into this photo. And of course, they got into a fight because no one wanted the (not visible in the picture because Oliver has tossed him away carelessly) non-musical bear.

You know, now that I’ve gone through all the photos, good and bad, one more time, I wonder why I had such a difficult time finding one that came out well enough to be chosen as the sacred Christmas Card Picture? When it is CLEAR I should have chosen this little gem- no text, no fancy background or border, no wishes for a happy holiday needed. It speaks for itself:




6 responses

19 12 2008

I like how Oliver has a constantly wary look in his eye as he waits for the possible attack. As a younger sibling, I know that it is NEVER too early to learn that you cannot let your guard down. Not even for one second.

And the argyle? Cracking me up.

19 12 2008

Maybe Ollie was confused because he had to sit on the perfectly-handcrafted-by-junior-high-Caley naughty chair?

19 12 2008
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I love the super-hero-like pose by Ethan in the third photo.

And in the last one, is he dancing or Crazy?

19 12 2008

I think you should photoshop the ones with the boys acting like action heros separately into one photo, and maybe add some light sabers or something. That would be hysterical!!! You could say something like, May The Force Be With You In 2009!

19 12 2008

fricken priceless. really.

21 12 2008

Love the photo’s those amazing poses are what makes them priceless . You can never recapture those moments again!! Don’t ever give up on the photo shoots!

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