One thank you and two how-to’s

17 12 2008

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers regarding Ethan’s surgery. The whole hospital stay lasted less than 4 hours, which isn’t too bad, unless you are 3 and have way better things to be doing, none of which involve scary people in masks or PAIN . But the staff were all very nice; they were accommodating, and just the right amount of funny. The worst part of the whole thing (aside from, of course, the pain he was in) was the outfit the hospital required that Ethan wear: yellow pj pants with a matching top, featuring Ronald McDonald, Grimace, the Fry Guys, the Hamburglar, and some duck-looking girl whose name I can’t remember. He was NOT cool with the get-up (which is odd, considering he would KILL for a Happy Meal). But it’s over now, he’s home and recovering, enjoying all the extra attention, the extra snacks, and the new (I-have-to-rest-on-the-couch-and-I’m-bored) toys I got for him (a workbook, a puzzle and a card game).


Here’s an idea for a good way to sneak in some exercise and get some fresh air- I call it Stroller Wars. You’ll need at least 2 of the following: small children, responsible adults, and strollers. We went for a walk this evening, Jeff pushed Oliver in the stroller and I walked with Ethan, who insisted on pushing his invisible baby, Stick Pete (seriously), in this cheap, $10 umbrella stroller that we rarely ever use. He was dawdling, and taking little detours off the sidewalk and getting stuck in mud, pushing the stroller and poor Stick Pete to the ground, you name it. So we told him he had to get in and let me push him. He refused, logically, because he is three and would refuse a carnival if we suggested it. So I told him that if he would just get in and ride, we could stroller race Oliver. You’d have thought I’d told him we were trading Oliver in for a pony, he was so excited. So off we went down a hill, passing Jeff and Oliver, only to be passed by them a few seconds later, running faster than I’ve run in an embarrassingly long time. We ran back up the hill, and almost the whole way home. Somehow the stroller race turned into a stroller war in the driveway, chasing each other around the car and (lightly, I swear) “crashing” into each other. The boys absolutely loved it, laughing their heads off the whole time. And I? Got a good amount of exercise that (bonus!) didn’t even feel like exercise.


Ethan and I are always doing crafts. We are big fans of Kids Craft Weekly (if you have a toddler and don’t already subscribe to the weekly newsletter, you really should); the archives are full of really simple and fun ideas for little kids. Normally, I spend the duration of a craft session with Ethan biting my tongue, sitting on my hands to keep from jumping in doing the craft for him; either he’s taking way too long to get something done, or he’s not cutting something straight, and I… I like things to be, well. Right. Symmetrical. Perfect. All of those. And crafts with a 3 year old are anything but. But I recently came up with a craft that DIDN’T have me wanting to steal the paper out of his hands and “showing” him the correct way to make it. He did every single aspect of this craft himself, with very little assistance from me. And it came out really cute. You’ll need:

  • -glass jar, any size, washed and dried (we used a (3rd foods size) baby food jar, but any size will do)
  • -glue stick
  • -scissors
  • -tissue paper of various colors
  • -stickers
  • -small candle (we used a tealight)

First have the kid cut up scraps of tissue paper. If he is not skilled with the scissors yet, he can just easily tear the tissue paper up. Ethan mixed things up and cut AND tore. Give him a glue stick and have him cover the entire outside of the jar with glue. Again, Ethan chose to be WILD and put glue on the bottom, too. Then stick all those little scraps and bits all over the jar. Some of them he smoothed out flat, others he scrunched and bunched up. I was going to stop here, but Ethan had the bright idea to add some little star stickers on top of the tissue paper, and I must say, they really made the whole thing come together. Here’s the only part of the project that I did: put a dot of hot glue in the bottom of the jar and place the candle inside. Voila: pretty Christmas-y candle holder by Ethan, and NOT by pushy perfectionist mother.




4 responses

17 12 2008
Mae West

Good job on the jar Ethan, I am glad everything went well yesterday and you are feeling like yourself.

18 12 2008
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I view your posts as a primer for when the time comes that I am with spawn.

“…and would refuse a carnival…” Oh man, I nearly spit up coffee.

Kids Crafts Weekly you say? hmmm, I occasionally hang out with a three-year-old and I’m bored of reading princess books, but never know what to do with a three-year-old.

18 12 2008

1. I believe her name is Birdie the Early Bird.

2. I wonder if Mayor McCheese and Officer Big Mac are sad because they are not on the special hospital pajamas.

3. Does anyone else remember Uncle O’Grimacey, the St. Patrick’s Day version of Grimace whose existence goes along with the Shamrock Shake?

4. Yes, the McDonaldland residents take up waaaaay too much space in my head.

19 12 2008

Oh, what creepy pj’s!!!! And how old must they have been?! Weird. I’m so glad he’s OK. For heaven’s sake, I take a break for a few days of reading, and people’s children are having surgery!!!

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