Target’s gonna miss me

13 12 2008

I had just put Oliver in his pajamas tonight when I noticed his shoulder pushing out the neck hole. I realized that he has outgrown literally every pair of pj’s he has, save for one (blue ones with various sports balls, declaring him “Daddy’s little champ!”). Thank goodness for my mom, who when she was here last month took us to Macy’s and let me pick out lots and lots of clothes for the boys for Christmas presents. I’d mentioned that Ollie was quickly outgrowing everything, and she’d said to go ahead and dip into the shopping bags if I needed to before Christmas. That little shoulder was my sign that I needed to. (I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll mention it again, because it irks me so: I can’t just open up the bin of his brother’s hand-me-downs, since Ethan’s size 12 month pajamas are light and summery and not exactly appropriate for December; oh, the woes of children born in opposite seasons! So woeful!)

And simply picking up a few new pairs at Target? Not exactly an option at the moment. Our bills are paid for this pay period (we get paid twice a month, the 1st and 15th); I just paid the last one, leaving us with $55 in our checking account. FIFTY FIVE DOLLARS. Thankfully, we get paid in two days. And we don’t need groceries before then. We don’t have any plans this weekend, either. Barring any catastrophes, these two days should go by without spending a penny of our $55. (Thanks to Oma’s pajama stash.)

There have been a lot of moving-related and holiday-related expenses lately. These special circumstances have led us to pretty much ignore the budget we put into place just before we moved. Which, you know, SUCKS. Perhaps it is that neglect that led to the $55? Hm, there’s an idea. Bottom-line: we have no money, but at least the bills are paid and the boys will have plenty of presents on Christmas morning. So we’re not THAT bad off.

I’m looking forward to January though, when this is all over. I heard a few money-saving tips that I’d like to try. Pertaining to grocery shopping: 1, put it off for as long as you can (this well force you to have that can of soup that’s been hiding in the back of the pantry for months and months for lunch one day; you’ll make do with what’s on hand); and 2, once you’ve made your list, go through and cross out the expensive, prepared/prepackaged items that you can just make yourself with cheaper, fresh ingredients. And another thing I’d like to try, because the idea just ASTOUNDS me: a no-spend month. I’m shooting for February for this one. You only spend money on the necessities (groceries, gas, bills, rent). That’s it. This is a HUGE leap for me, but I’m intrigued. What would life be like if I didn’t throw away a hundred bucks at Target once a week? I’d really love to see if I could accomplish this.



3 responses

14 12 2008

You can totally do it. I’ve definitely done this many times before. The first week can be tough, but then you get in the habit (and see how much you are saving!) and it gets easier.

15 12 2008

Thanks for the tips. I definitly need help, groceries are killing me. Good luck in February, you can do it!

19 12 2008

A no-spend month sounds really hard. Maybe I could start with a no-spend week and see how I do? Target is a dangerous place, that’s all I can say. And, since Starbucks has helpfully opened a location right next to the grocery and Lowe’s, and I have to drive by it all the time, saving money is harder than it used to be.

I can totally sympathize with the $55 thing. We have been there many a time.

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