They have razor wings!

10 12 2008

I’ve hung the wreath, decorated the tree. I’ve made gingerbread cookies and constructed a gingerbread house (something I’d never done before and can say now, with confidence, that I never will again; sooooo much woooork, and what do you have at the end? A gaudy, tacky house of STALE COOKIES covered in gobs of sugar that has been sitting out for days and days, and a 3-year-old who has made it his life’s mission to pick every. single. piece. off and spread them secretly throughout the house, asking you every 9 seconds if he can just EAT THE HOUSE ALREADY! And the thing is ugly; a gingerbread house is no poinsettia. It’s an eyesore. What kind of trashy gingerbread man lives in such a home, anyway? The kind who has a floozy gingergirlfriend on the side, that’s who.). I’ve even gotten the majority of my Christmas shopping done. But have I mailed out a single Christmas card yet? No. Have I at least addressed them? Uh uh. Have I even taken the photo that will be used on the cards? No. No I have not.

I mentioned this to Jeff- it was one thing in a list of many that I am currently stressed out about, and he had unknowingly made the mistake of innocently asking me what was wrong, unaware that he’d get a barrage of complaints/stresses/worries/freak-outs as an answer. And his response (regarding this particular stress, not all the others), in an attempt to make me feel better, was that this was not something I needed to worry about. Cards? Christmas cards? Fooey! (Not his exact words.) They’d take no time at all to get out, and even if we didn’t get any mailed out this year, so what? They’re just cards!

I have to take the picture. (This involves a photo shoot session with a… we’ll call him ‘lively’ and ‘spirited’ (instead of mean and uncooperative) 3-year-old and a 12-month-wouldn’t-sit-still-if-you-bribed-him-with-a-puppy-old, an adventure that could last an entire day and STILL not end up in a decent photo.) Then I have to create the card on whichever card-creating-site I decide to use. Then order them, and await their arrival. THEN I can finally get down to the business of addressing and mailing. Yes, I understand that in the grand scheme of things, this really isn’t a big deal. But it is one deal among many and I can’t help it, it adds to my stress

On an unrelated note, how awesome must it be to be a tow truck driver? I mean, sure you’re probably a heavy-set man named Roy who lives alone and dines on Dinty Moore 6 nights a week, but the part about saving people who have found themselves in an inconvenient and expensive situation, on a daily basis? That part’s pretty cool. And I know there are many other jobs that involve saving people, but most of those? Like a doctor or fireman? Involve having to do more work than simply showing up in order to complete the rescue. When the time comes for me to end my gig as SAHCL (that’s stay-at-home-crazy-lady), I will seriously consider tow truck driver as a career path. It’s like the normal guy’s superhero.

Jeff got home tonight, full of exciting stories about the glitz and glam of his travels (they were in a po’ dunk town in New York where the one and only recognizable franchise was a McDonald’s, but DUDE I WIPED BUTTS ALL DAY AND WENT TO THE LIBRARY ONCE, C’MON; po’ dunk is exotic compared to my everyday). I cooked dinner (we feasted on Mac ‘n Cheese and frozen pizza while he was gone, so this was an Achievement), we bathed the boys and read stories. Since putting them down, we’ve watched an episode of Eli Stone (Maggie! How dare you join the dark side?) and are enjoying an episode of Fringe right now (Oh, Joshua Jackson: you will always be Pacey to me. And I am falling in love with you ALL OVER AGAIN, only this time its way better because 1, you’re older and our love is more mature, and 2, there’s no pesky Joey stringing you along and getting in the way). (Side note: This episode is about killer butterflies. KILLER butterflies. OMG KILLER BUTTERFLIES! Number 7! It’s not such an irrational fear NOW, is it? IS IT? I can’t watch.) When it’s over, I’ll probably go to bed. Whereas while Jeff was gone, once the boys had gone down I’d do laundry, dishes, pick up the house, do stuff online, read, prepare activities to do the following day with Ethan, etc., etc. Now I am back to watching tv and getting nothing done. Jeff, he is cool, and I love him. But man, does he bring out the lazy in me.

OHMYGOODNESS KILLER BUTTERFLIES. Will not sleep at all tonight for fear of the fluttery things. Ack!



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11 12 2008

I think that is so funny about the KILLER BUTTERFLIES because normally I would laugh and say, “what a dumb episode, who’s afraid of butterflies.” ha ha Anyway, I know what you mean about your husband bringing out the laziness in you. I seem to get so much more done when Ricky is gone at work during the week. Then the weekend comes and there so much we should be doing but all we do is sit around watching Netflix movies.

11 12 2008
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I know/hope you’ll get a kick out of this:

And that’s EXACTLY what kind of gingerbread people live in gingerbread houses.

11 12 2008

I haven’t done anything for my cards yet, either!!!!! No picture, no addresses, NOTHING. It’s like this every year – either I do them practically before Thanksgiving and mail them out immediately, or people are lucky to get them by Christmas at all. Yuck. This is the first year where I’m sorely tempted to just not do them at all, though. I just don’t FEEL like it!

12 12 2008

Mae: YES, Netflix eats up most of our time, too. And now that they have instant streaming on the Xbox 360, ohmy it is even WORSE.

Stephanie: HA! Hahahahaha! That was great. (The ‘checks cashed’ one… I’m still laughing!)

astarte: “I just don’t FEEL like it!” DITTO. Are Christmas e-cards too tacky?

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