And I still can’t find the silverware

20 11 2008

Between babies, boxes, broken-down cars, boxes, and miscellaneous appointments all over town, I’ve got absolutely no energy left to give. So, bullets it is! Everybody likes a good bullet now and then, am I right?

  • When you say, “Oh, we can DEFINITELY make it in one trip,” and your wife says, “No way,” I will give you ONE GUESS as to who is correct. Hint: IT AIN’T YOU.
  • We got 95% of all our stuff packed up and finally made our first trip over to the new house, all our “movers” following in their cars. Halfway there, I realized I’d forgotten the keys to our new place.
  • An air mattress on uncarpeted floor = COLD ASS
  • Neighbors who give you German chocolate when they meet you are cool
  • I miss my shoes. Why were they not in the box marked “SHOES”?
  • I think we owe our friends who helped us move BIG TIME. As in, first-born-son big time. No, seriously, can someone take my first born son? Like, just for a little while? Before he accidentally gets packed in a box?
  • A dog house in the back yard of the new house will instantly turn into an awesome cool “fort” for a 3-year-old.
  • In a pinch (read: when you stupidly can’t find the box in which you packed the baby’s socks), dress your 11-month-old in his 3-year-old brother’s socks. Just pull them way up his leg; his fat baby calf will fill out the heel of the sock rather nicely.

Edit: Well, they WERE bullets, but WordPress felt the need to change them to these flowery cross things. What’s with that?



6 responses

20 11 2008

You had no hope with the air mattress and warmth even if you did have carpet. You need a nice layer between the mattress and you.

You are still alive, which is all that matters.

Good luck with the rest of the unpacking!

20 11 2008

This is true, I always have to put two blankets inbetween the air mattress and us so it is not so cold, even on our air mattress that is off the floor on the frame it came with.

20 11 2008

PS I wish I could have told you that before you froze your butts off.

20 11 2008

WordPress knew that you didn’t really want to send bullets out into the world. You wanted to send flowers. WordPress is into peace, man.

Also, why don’t you think about using that “fort” for a several day “camp out” for that “first born son.” Problem solved!

23 11 2008

I’m just glad you’re all there in one piece! Moving is a pain in the ass, and anytime we all make it to wherever we’re going without killing each other, I’m happy.

23 11 2008

Glad you got moved safely! The unpacking will get done one box at a time, and you will be settled and able to enjoy your new home. Wish I was closer to take that firstborn off your hands.

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