Preparation, Boxes

14 11 2008

Jeff informed me moments ago that our internet will be gone starting tomorrow, as we’ve cancelled our service with our current provider in preparation for the move we’ve been getting ready for for the past 7 years. Ugh, will it never end? Seriously. I’m so sick of the smell of Farpies and cardboard.

Anyway, the internet. I only found out because I happened to ask Jeff; it’s not like he felt the need to inform me all on his own with a polite, “Hey, if there’s anything you need to get done that requires internet you’d better do it now…” How lucky that I happened to ask.

So now I’m sitting here, frantically reading blogs through tears of sadness and fear. What will I DO without the internet? I know that I don’t even use it throughout the day that much. And it’s only for 4 days. But STILL. It’s the knowledge that if I need something- directions somewhere, a recipe (not that I can cook what with the fact that EVERYTHING IS IN BOXES), Google’s assistance in case someone gets a mysterious rash or what to do if aliens invade the Earth, ANYTHING! Well, it’s the knowledge that I will be completely in the dark. No e-mail checking, no Twitter updates, nothing.

Hold me.

Well, when I get back, hopefully I will be about 100 times less stressed out. For now, I will wander the internets aimlessly while I still can, and I will leave you with this- this is what our living room looks like right now. This does not include the other 4 rooms in the house, but it does give you a glimpse of the floor-to-ceiling stacked boxes to the far left, the ones on the right that extend out of view a couple more rows, and that massive chunk in the back, also floor-to-ceiling, and 4 boxes deep. Also: oops. Looks like I forgot to pack those random pillows on the couch.


Bring on the heavy lifting…



4 responses

14 11 2008
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

good luck!

14 11 2008

I feel for you, just looking at all that is making me tired.

14 11 2008

Feel free to call if you have a desperate need for something to be googled or a bedtime blog-reading…since I basically have no life and live at my office, chances are good that I’ll be near a computer.

Good luck with the move. Can’t wait to see the new place!

17 11 2008

Four days is a loooong time, sister. I never think I’ll die without the internet until it goes away, and then, suddenly, I NEED to know something, and hello, WHERE IS THE EFFING INTERNET?!?! Ahem. Anyway, you’re going to be grossly, insanely busy over the next few days, so maybe you won’t even notice. Yeah.

BTW, I got here via Modern Matriarch. 🙂

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