Gas car

13 11 2008

This is how conversations with my three-year-old go these days:

Ethan: “Why do some houses still have their Halloween decorations outside?”

Me: “Um, they just haven’t put them away yet.”

Ethan: “Do the scary things like monsters and skulls go poop and pee?”

Me: “No, because those scary things aren’t alive, they’re just decorations. And since they’re not alive, they don’t eat or drink. And remember, poop and pee only comes from the things we eat and drink.”

Ethan: “Well, how come beans make us fart a lot?”

Me: “Um, because something inside the beans makes us gassy. And if you have gas in your body, it comes out as a fart.”

Ethan: “Hey, I know gas! I just saw that movie, ‘Gascar 2! [pause] It was funny. Like farts.”



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