11 11 2008

Me: “Coconuts aren’t nuts, why do they have the word ‘nut’ in their name?”

Jeff: “I don’t know. Maybe they’re a form of nut, or part of the nut family or something.”

Me: “No. They have milk inside them! Nuts don’t have milk!” [Clearly enraged over the injustice]

Jeff: “What would you call them, then? [Gives it a second of thought…] Cocoboobs?”

Ethan: “Cocoboobs! Cocoboobs! COCOBOOOOOOOBS!”

What marvelous parental role models this boy has.



5 responses

11 11 2008

Jon just yelled “cocoboobs” in the gaming lab. Ahh, my husband isn’t much better than yours.

11 11 2008

Wiki says “The term coconut refers to the nut of the coconut palm”. So I guess it doesn’t get a cool new name: (

11 11 2008

At least he’ll be as funny! 🙂

12 11 2008

gaming lab? that sounds like something i want. caley must add gaming lab to my christmas list.

18 11 2008

AWESOME. Totally, totally awesome. You are my kind of parents!!!

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