The secret to moving cheaply? FARPIES

9 11 2008

We’ve been packing our butts off this weekend. This is not the easiest thing to do with two little ones around, as you can imagine. Oliver’s spent quite a bit of time “playing” in his play pen thing (wherein “playing” involves alternating between moaning for attention and throwing his toys out onto the floor so he can say, “Uh oh!”).

And Ethan’s been… well, he’s been handling the neglect and the fact that ALL OF HIS TOYS HAVE DISAPPEARED FOREVER INTO BIG BOXES OH NO THE HORROR as well as can be expected. Of course I haven’t packed up ALL his toys, but also of course? The ones I didn’t pack are awful, stupid toys that he wants nothing to do with, nothing! I’ve been doing my best to keep out a few random things I’ve come across while emptying long untouched closets, cupboards and drawers to keep him entertained. Yesterday it was a Nerf gun (I KNOW, I did NOT want him playing with guns until he was at a more appropriate age (you know, that age when it’s okay to pretend to shoot people… hm….), but it was found in one of the many boxes of Jeff’s childhood stuff one night after both the kids had been put to bed, and so OF COURSE Jeff got it out and started chasing me around shooting me (my husband is a nine-year-old boy, didn’t you know this?), and lo and behold, who had gotten out of bed to see what all the commotion was and witnessed Mommy and Daddy engaged in a foam-bullet battle? Yeah. So can you guess what the first words out of his mouth the next morning were? I believe they were along the lines of “Why was Daddy shooting you? Can I play with dat gun? Can I? Daddy shoots you, can’t I shoot you? Where’s the gun? Where? WHERE?” I didn’t give it to him then, though. No, no, I didn’t cave until yesterday after he’d been moping around for hours and hours, bored and muttering about how no one would play with him. His guilt trip worked, and I handed it over.

He’s only shot me once.

Today’s treasure was found waaaay at the back of the drawer I keep pot holders, birthday candles, plastic wrap and aluminum foil in. (What? It makes total sense to keep the plastic wrap with the oven mitts. TOTAL.) I found five little weeble-wobble type things that came in cereal boxes a few years ago- one is from Finding Nemo, two are from Monsters, Inc. (one of Ethan’s FAVE movies), and the other two are Buzz and Woody (from Ethan’s ALL TIME FAVORITE movie). You would have thought I’d given him a lifetime supply of fruit snacks, to eat ALL AT ONCE, the look of joy that came across his face. They ought to keep him entertained for a good 20 minutes, at least.

I have no doubt we’ll be all ready to move by the time Jeff picks up the truck Saturday morning. (We’ve had 2 months to prepare for this, so I’d be worried if we were not ready.) I cooked my last dinner for a while on Friday night, which was a breakfast casserole because I realized we had almost an entire carton of eggs that were about to expire, and a drawer full of peppers and onions that weren’t going to last much longer, either. It was good, but it made so much that we’ve been eating it for what feels like weeks, and UGH. I’m looking forward to letting Panera and Chick Fill-A and the nice people over at Chef Huang’s do the cooking for me for a little bit.

We didn’t have to buy a single box for this move. I found some of them through a few people on craigslist, and our downstairs neighbor offered us all of his (he moved in about a month ago). A few people Jeff works with also moved recently and gave us boxes and Rubbermaid bins. Jeff and a few friends/people he works with will be doing the actual loading of the boxes onto the truck (a service for which we totally owe them, majorly, in the form of free pizza, most likely), so we won’t be hiring movers, either. As for packing supplies, we’ll borrow a dollie, and I bought the tape (10 rolls, $1 each) and some markers (pack of 12, $1.50) at the dollar store. The truck costs $40 for the day, plus gas, which will bring our grand moving total to approximately $63.50. How cool is that? I’d had it in my head that it’d be a couple hundred bucks, at least, so yay! It pays to be cheap, sometimes.

Speaking of the markers I purchased at the dollar store… I saw them and thought, ‘Wow, Sharpies? At the dollar store? And there are 12 of them in this package, for only a dollar and fifty cents?’ *snatch* I got them home and showed Jeff, proudly telling him that I’d found actual Sharpies, not Sharpes or Farpies- the real thing, for next to nothing. He just rolled his eyes and told me to look at the package a little closer. I did, and said, “Uh, yeah, they’re still Sharpies- see? Same font and everything!” Have a look:


You are devious, Hongbei, DEVIOUS.


Tell me: would they have fooled you like they did me? You know, if not for the big fat clue of the price being only $1.50, I mean.



3 responses

9 11 2008

The question is… do they write like Sharpies? Cuz if they do, I may have to run down to the ol’ dollar store and get me some! 🙂

11 11 2008

jenefur: I haven’t noticed any difference in how they write. And they SEEM to be lasting as long as a Sharpie would. They may have fooled me, but it appears it was worth it!

11 11 2008

no, they don’t last as long imo. and they say fine point but they write much larger than the real deal. but they are worth the money (or lack of) spent.

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