Listening and dancing to music is AWESOME.

30 10 2008

Creating complicated homemade Halloween costumes, sometimes, is not.

It darn near killed me, this flingin’ flangin’ costume. It started to consume me, the hat especially. I finished it yesterday, which means it wasn’t done by last weekend, as I’d hoped, which means that Ethan wore his costume from last year to the Ghost Train Ride. Which is fine, I’m glad he got a little more wear out of it. And then there’s poor Oliver, who got completely overlooked in this whole DJ Debacle. I haven’t done anything towards a costume for him so he’ll be wearing what he wore last weekend, too, which was Ethan’s frog costume from his second Halloween.

Well, anyway, without further ado…

I started with an adult size large t-shirt from Michael’s ($2.40). I cut up the middle and sewed the cut to make the legs of the jumpsuit. Then cut up the sides and in to make the arms. I flipped it over and cut down the middle of the back, from the neck to about where the waistline would be. (Ethan had to suffer through lots of pin-poking fittings, poor kid.) This was so the he could climb into the t-shirt like you would an actual jumpsuit. I used one of my favorite cheat-y products, sticky-back velcro circles, in place of the zipper Jeff suggested (multiple times) I put here. (Zippers=pain in my rear to attach, ESPECIALLY on a costume to be worn very few times.)

The white and yellow stripes on the front and down the sides of the legs are just felt that I glued on with a little Liquid Stitch (another favorite cheat-y product). The cuffs are felt, also. Underneath is a white turtleneck, that I had to search HIGH AND LOW for, because apparently little boys don’t wear turtlenecks anymore? (And even then, the only one I could find, the one Ethan’s going to wear, is a onesie-type (crotch-snaps) in a size 18 months (he’s like 44 months, remember); we just didn’t snap it up). The belt is a yard of white belt-y stuff (?) that was about $1, and I already had the D-rings. I took a rectangle of cardboard, hot glued white felt to the outside, and wrote “ROCK” on it with fabric puffy paint ($.90). Then hot-glued the rectangle to the belt.

I found the glasses at Target for about 5 bucks and popped out the lenses, thanks to Meg’s suggestion. And the hat. Ahhh, the hat. I wasted coughHACKahem dollars on like 5 yards of different textured orange fabrics, none of which looked right. I even bought a furry-ish orange hand towel from Walmart, which would have been really great, except that it was so thick I couldn’t manhandle it into submission for my sewing machine. I finally settled on plain old orange fleece (a yard, on sale for $.60). I cut out four tapered rectangle shapes and sewed them together, with a circle shaped one sewn to the top. To give it structure, I removed the brim from an old baseball hat that fit Ethan’s head, and glued it to the inside. In between the baseball hat and the top of the fleece is some stuffing. The white star is felt, and the yellow one is a wooden one I got at Michael’s for less than a dollar.

The boom box was simple: Jeff spray painted a cardboard box I found with chrome colored paint that we already had. The handle is made of foam that I also already had on hand, as well as all the “buttons” on the front. The “speakers” are made of more red craft foam, and then on top of the foam is some plastic mesh stuff I had (it came as a mesh bag with some bath toys in it; I saved it as one of those things that I just KNEW I’d find a use for someday), colored black with a Sharpie and glued in place. The boom box doubles as the trick or treat bag with the hole cut in the top for candy.

Tomorrow, he will be my own little DJ Lance Rock, sans the sideburns (though Jeff is currently still trying to talk me into them), so tune in then for pics. We will be spending the day perfecting an original dance, a dance we call The Big Ollie. I’ll try to get video footage, as it is sure to be amusing.

Next year, if I so much as MENTION homemade costumes? KICK ME IN THE TEETH, would you? I would really, really appreciate it, thanks.



7 responses

30 10 2008

All your hard work paid off Caley because the costume looks GREAT! GOOD JOB!

30 10 2008

Oh, what a good idea to double the boombox as a Trick or Treat bag.

31 10 2008

Homemade costumes and dual-purpose boom boxes aaaare AWESOMMMMME!

No, seriously. Mad props (really? did I really just say that?) for finding a use for that mesh! It gives me hope for my hoarding tendencies. The costume looks wonderful, and even though it was a pain in the butt you must feel a great deal of triumph and pride.

Plus, when Ethan’s a teenager you can be all, “Because I said so! And I gave birth to you! And you know what else! I made you that DJ Lance costume!!!” (It’s right up there.)

31 10 2008

You are amazingly creative and talented. I am very very impressed.

31 10 2008
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

There will be no teeth kicking as you are CLEARLY awesome at making things.

31 10 2008

That is really fricken cool!

31 10 2008

And I assume he will be wearing this until it rots off his body or the seams rip out, Incredible Hulk-style, as he outgrows it?

As usual, I am in awe of your craftiness.

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