Orange furry hat: the bane of my existence

25 10 2008

You know what’s impossible to create out of nothing? This darn DJ Lance orange furry hat. I have tried EVERYTHING, including just purchasing a plain hunter’s-orange knit hat from Target/Walmart (the only ones I could find had big, black logos on the orange side, and camo print on the reverse side). I’ve given up and am just knitting an orange hat. A boring old knit hat. It’ll have to do, because I’ve already gone and spent way too much time on this two-time-wear costume. IF he even wears it two times: the ghost train ride is tomorrow, which means if I don’t have if finished tonight, then Ethan’ll be a dragon (again) tomorrow. And also, I’m sick of talking about this costume, and I’m sure you are sick of hearing about it by now.

One more costume-related note: Oliver will have to go to the train ride dressed as Oliver because he totally got overlooked thanks to Lance and his stupid orange jumpsuit of impossibility. Provided he can still fit into the baby kimono and the weather is warm enough, he will go out next Friday night as a baby samurai, since that costume choice beat out Kermit and the Captain in the poll.

And because when I’m not talking about costumes, I must be talking about moving… We now have 21 days till the move. We’ve been trying to spend an hour or two each evening getting things packed up; so far I’ve gotten a big box of random stuff that lives in the hutch in our dining room boxed up, as well as taken down the bulletin board in the kitchen, removed all the things that were stuck to every bit of surface on the fridge, cleaned out the kitchen junk drawers, packed up two boxes of random stuff from our bedroom, taken down and packed up all the things that were on the walls in the boys’ room, and filled a giant box with nothing but my prized fabric stash. And Jeff? Jeff has packed up all the dvds. What? There are video games to be played, people! No, wait- that’s not all he’s done. He’s also attacked the 10+ Rubbermaid bins of stuff he’s had out in the shed. He’s thrown away bag after garbage bag of his childhood, most of which has been either Super Friend- or G.I. Joe-themed. I guess any contribution is contribution. I mean, I won’t go so far as to say that I’ve done all the work here. But. You know.

I’ve pretty much done all the work.

I had been hoping to hand-make a lot of Christmas presents this year. But as I’ve already packed up my fabric… and my sewing machine is not too far off in the list… and then there will be all that pesky UNpacking to do… Well. Who knows how I’d ever find the time? So let me share with you a few of the fun things I’ve found that I want to make, but won’t have time to, in hopes that maybe you’ll be able to make them for someone:

*Recycled glove chipmunk

*Hardbound journal

*Candy cane sugar scrub

*Fabric basket and storage cubes

*Easy felt Christmas ornaments

*Pencil pocket

And now I am off to knit.



2 responses

26 10 2008

I can relate very strongly to your post. I am about to move again, and if I’m at it, why not moving thousands of miles away 🙂

I am trying to create new stuff as much as possible these days, until I really have to pack everything up and see my supply again in a couple months… 🙂

29 10 2008

Today while we were watching Yo Gabba Gabba I told my husband that one of my blogging friends (you!) was making a DJ Lance costume for your son. He went online and found this:
I don’t know if that’s coming too late to help you!

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