Comments, costumes, and a poll

20 10 2008

After the fight that broke out (kidding!) in the comments section of this post calmed down a bit, a request for photos of me dressed in my “Madonna outfit” was made. I just want to assure you, I have asked my mother to find said pictures, and if they exist, I will post them. You have my word.

And speaking of comments: you guys are great! I’ve gotten some wonderful ideas not only concerning cheap, healthy meals, but also saving money when it comes to heating our home and keeping our heating costs down. And also, beans. Beans, beans and more beans. I like beans. But I tend to forget just how magical they are, and only think of including them in our meals once a month or so. Dudes, you are so right: we need more beans in our meals. I’m on it.

Know what else I’m on? DJ Lance. Well, not him, exactly. More like his beautiful orange ensemble. I was ready to give up on the DJ Lance Rock costume. I think I did, actually. But I picked it up again, and I’m so glad I did. I discarded the polyester disaster and instead bought an adult size large orange t-shirt from Michael’s. Through magic and sweat and tears and my lovely sewing machine, it is now an Ethan-sized orange jumpsuit. I now just have to figure out how to construct that band-esque orange hat. And, OH YES, find some big ‘ol black rimmed glasses. Oh, right- and that boom box. But. you know, OTHER THAN ALL THAT, it’s as good as done.

And did I mention it needs to be done by this weekend, in time for the Ghost Train Ride we go to every year? If I’m going to put this much work into the thing, you’d better believe he’s going to wear it more than once! And let’s not forget Ollie- he can’t exactly go to the train ride NAKED. I have finally narrowed his costume choices down to two options, both of which come courtesy of my pal Hallie. Option 1: baby samurai. Hallie and Jon got Ethan an adorable little kimono when he was born, and I’m pretty sure I could squeeze Oliver into it. I’d also rustle up a little sword and, um, holster-ey thing to hold it in that would attach to him… somehow. Babies + swords = funny stuff.

Option two: Kermit the Frog. Hallie sent me this link, and it looks both easy and adorable. I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything to make it.

Or we could go back to my one other idea, which was Captain Adorable (onesie, tights and cape.)

And, ooh, hey! Let’s take a poll!

*For some reason (on my computer, at least) the “vote” button isn’t showing up. So after you make a choice, you have to click that blank gray square for your vote to be counted.*



4 responses

21 10 2008
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I should think that a thrift store should have some black rimmed glasses.. maybe even, dare I say, Target… in the accessories (because who doesn’t love a girl in glasses?!)

As for the boom box, try finding a cardboard box and cover it in posterboard/tinfoil.

Oh and I heart beans, in fact, I may be the bean queen.
Sadly, The Mister does not care for beans.

21 10 2008

More thoughts for DJ Lance:

1. Worst case scenario for the hat – go to the hunting section of Wal-Mart and buy a safety orange winter hat.

2. Electrical tape (red/green/blue/yellow/black) or maybe contact paper (if you can find the right colors) would be a cheap/easy way to decorate the cardboard boombox.

3. You can probably buy some sunglasses in the right shape and pop the frames out if you can’t find regular glasses that work.

21 10 2008
Ethan's Oma

very good ideas from Meg !!

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