P.S. I Love You (GAG)

13 10 2008

We’re moving in less than a month. I can think of 412 things that I should be doing right now, none of which are watching “What Not To Wear” or eating Almond Roca. Not that I’m doing either of those things right now. Of course not.

Thankfully, I got to cross one thing off my to-do list, and without having to do any of the work required: our very kind neighbor, who just moved in a few weeks ago, has offered us all of his boxes. I’d very briefly looked into prices for packing materials from U-Haul and maybe two other places (hundreds of dollars! for cardboard! hahahaha!), before realizing that I’d rather scour craigslist for some FREE boxes. But you know what’s cool? Not having to do anything, particularly “scouring,” and still getting the job done.

However, that’s the ONLY thing I’ve crossed off the very long to-do-before-the-move list. Unless you count going through the junk piles that hide all throughout our house, and throwing stuff out. I’ve done a little bit of this- I’ve thrown out lots of the stuff I was holding onto, “just in case” I found a use for it someday (I’m looking at YOU, little snap-shut plastic bag that Ethan’s Elmo underpants came in), and I’ve also given away bags and bags of clothes (including about half of my maternity wardrobe! sob!) (I found this almost as difficult as I imagine it’s going to be do donate the actual clothes my little babies wore!) and at least 7 pairs of shoes. It’s a nice feeling, getting rid of clutter, who would have thought? And I also feel really good that someone is possibly getting some use out of stuff that was just fueling Jeff’s arguments that I had too many clothes/shoes.

Now I can buy more.

In the midst of the mountains of clothes, I found some stuff from high school, and even some stuff from as far back as elementary school. Apparently, I saved every. single. note. from every. single. boyfriend I’ve ever had (all FOUR of them) (I was hot stuff, what can I say?). Included are the notes that Jeff wrote me in high school, which are not counted in the Notes from Boyfriends Category, because we never dated till years and years later. These are notes from Jeff, My Friend, not Jeff, My Love Interest. Weird doesn’t quite describe the feeling you get reading your friend’s dating advice from high school (he encouraged me to go out with his best friend!) (and I did!), when that friend later turns out to be your husband…

Amongst the goodies:

*I saved the one and only detention slip I ever got: it was for being tardy (a word that I have always loathed… “tardy”… ugh) 4 times senior year. I remember this VERY CLEARLY- I ran into homeroom mere seconds (seconds!) after the bell had sounded, and the teacher, a substitute (a substitute!) sent me to the office. It was days before graduation that I received this, the only permanent flaw on my otherwise clean record. (They can’t record what they don’t catch you doing.)

*I found a notecard entitled “My Will Frank” (EYEROLL @mypastself), written one day when I was feeling sick and was convinced I was going to die (drama queen much?):

“To Hallie… I leave my tv, with its cute remote, and my yo-yo.

To Rene… I leave my prom dress! 😦 And all my shoes.

To Tiffany… I leave my blow up chair (ottoman included), and all my Pooh stuff.

To Jon… I leave my sour cherry liquid candy.

To Eric… I leave a box of tampons.”

Wow. What. A. Dork.

*And this was my ABSOLUTE favorite find: a note to me from my “boyfriend” in 6th grade. Just telling you what the note said would not do it justice. I MUST scan this one for you:

“Dear Caley, I wish you and Christina would call me, or just by yourself. P.S. I LOVE YOU”

Important to note:

1. This was the ONLY NOTE he ever wrote to me.

2. We “dated” (as much as one can date in the 6th grade; we never went on an actual date, if I recall- though we did go to the movies once, with a big group of people- and the physical extent? We held hands. Once.) for no more than 2 weeks.

3. He had beautiful penmanship for an 11-year-old boy, didn’t he?

4. We never called boys by ourselves in those days- we were all about 3-way calling, and my friend Christina was always in on the conversation, making it that much easier to later dissect every single thing the boy said.

5. HE LOVED ME, OMG. Ah, young love. So stupid.

*And finally, from the second grade, I found my class photo:

I know it’s blurry, but see if you can guess which one’s me. (No fair if you know me IRL!)



4 responses

13 10 2008

First row, second from the left?

And yes, we were all HUGE doofuses in grade school. Every last one of us.

13 10 2008
Ethan's Oma

I will refrain from positively identifying you, since I’m your mother, but what was that teacher’s name ?!?!

13 10 2008

I’m gonna guess the girl in the purple dress in the front row. The one who looks like she has something MUCH better to be doing.

13 10 2008

I was going to guess the purple dress as well.

My “boyfriend” in sixth grade sat right behind me, making optimal position for note-passing. One time he wrote “I love you” and even though I was only eleven or twelve I knew I didn’t love him back so I panicked a little. I broke up with him shortly thereafter. Drama, anyone?

I also think it’s so great you were friends with Jeff in high school. I often wonder what would have happened if me and Gabe had been classmates too…

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