I will dress them alike till they’re 18

10 10 2008

When they were younger, it was easy to get a picture of Ethan and Oliver together; the fact that Oliver was a tiny, plump, unmoving ball of sleep made snapping the cute little moments possible. But now that Oliver’s personality is showing through, and he, you know, moves around and stuff? Not so much.

The strength of Ethan’s deathgrip is measured by the intensity of his grin.

They’re conjoined. Did I forget to mention that?

Oliver’s escape was brief. Because escape is difficult with dinosaur-clad crazy attached to your legs.

Ethan brings out the big guns: baby chokehold.

The Noogie: a rite of passage for all little brothers.

We finally gave up and tied them together at the elbows.



3 responses

10 10 2008
Ethan's Oma

Ollie’s got so much hair ! And it’s so straight !

12 10 2008

Oh my goodness- the one of Oliver crawling away while Ethan lays on his legs? HILARIOUS!

12 10 2008

I think dressing them alike till 18 is a great idea – so darn cute!

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