Captain Adorable

15 09 2008

Thank you for all the lovey dovey comments on that last post! I was sure I was gonna get laughed at, and comments instructing me to invest in some REAL TOYS for my poor children, already! But thanks to the positive feedback and my now quite large head, Ethan’s probably going to be subjected to even more handmade costumes. Even worse, poor Oliver’s going to be subjected hand-me-down handmade costumes. And I don’t have high hopes for the shelf life of that cardboard sword…

I’m still planning to make Ethan a DJ Lance costume, despite the fact that he’s changed his mind and told me he wants to be a skeleton, not DJ Lance. He changes his mind so often that I have to stick to one costume idea and just ignore all the other requests if I’m going to find the time to make any costume at all. Other costumes he’s changed his mind to, and I have vetoed, include: an acorn, Dr. Phil, a pirate, Oliver, Daddy, a dog, and a mail truck. All good ideas, yes. But I can’t make all that magic happen. I’m only one person! And there’s only a month and a half till the big day, ya know. (Speaking of time till Halloween: the commissary on post already has Christmas decorations and candy out, more than 100 days in advance. A new record, I’m fairly certain.)

As for Oliver’s costume, I’m still at a loss. Given his, um, girth, we wanted to make him something generally thought of as big. Ideas we’ve rejected so far include a sumo wrestler and a pig. (What? He’s a big boy! Hefty. Beefy, in fact. (Or ‘porky’ I guess would be more correct.) And I love every little big roll on his body, nom nom on them daily, in fact.) We hit a standstill in the idea department after that and are open to non-big-related things, too. I saw this gnome costume and think it is ADORABLE (not to mention the opposite of big; apparently we either do it BIG or do it small, there is no in-between for us), but I don’t think he’d allow me to put a beard on him for more than 1.6 seconds. I think since he’s only 8 months old and completely oblivious to holidays, I may just buy some girly tights and stick a cape on him. They’ll go well with his “Captain Adorable” onesie, I think:

Growing up, I was a witch for every single one of my 14 or so Halloween experiences. We have many pictures of me in a black dress, pointy black hat and fake green nose, holding a broom. In each one I get progressively bigger as I age but do not change from my witchy costume. I’m sure if I’d really wanted to be something else, my mom would have rustled me up a new costume. But every year I insisted on being a witch. Maybe I just played the part really well.

I guess this explains my tendency to have such high costume hopes for my little ones. The fact that even my 8-month-old– who’d be just as happy in a 3-piece-suit or nekkid as he would dressed as a superhero– MUST have a costume, or else what is the point of having Halloween at all?, says something. Also, I maybe kind of feel like if I’m going to steal all my kids’ hard-earned trick-or-treat candy, the least I can do is dress ’em up right.



4 responses

16 09 2008
Ethan's Oma

But you were the SWEETEST witch there ever was ! And Oliver just gets more adorable every day ! That smile !

16 09 2008

that baby IS captain adorable! what a grin! his blue eyes are as big as saucers!!

16 09 2008

I think the traditional fat-baby costume is pumpkin. At least, that’s how my brother explains his stint as a pumpkin – he was too fat to fit into anything else. However, I believe I cast my vote for baby whoopie cushion. Or maybe baby Christmas tree air freshener. No seriously, they’re both available at

20 08 2010

Can you tell me please…..where did you find that Captain Adorable onesie? I’ve been looking for it everywhere!!!

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