10 09 2008

Last week while Jeff was away, and I found myself with HOURS UPON HOURS of free time, Ethan asked me if I could make him into a knight. I said sure, and the next day I’d whipped up this for him:

I used a couple of pillow cases (I later added a cape that is not pictured), an old belt that didn’t sell at the yard sale we had a few months ago (I can’t imagine WHY NOT; so what if it’s partially melted in places where my hot curling iron touched it? It still holds yer pants up!), the hood cut off of an old sweatshirt that I once upon a time loved so much I would have died for, and your standard aluminum foil-wrapped cardboard for the shield and sword (though I made it a little more durable by going over the foil with clear packing tape). I printed this out and colored it for the shield.

It only about an hour or so to put together (and I did it while watching a movie, so it probably took less than an hour). And oh, hey, did I mention I’m now the Awesomest Person in Ethan’s World? Yeah. He wore it all day long, and was so sad when I wouldn’t let him wear it outside to play (it was 90 degrees out).

The bonus? All day long, if I wanted him to do something, all I had to say was, “Sir Ethan, I have a very important mission for you! I need you to fetch me a diaper for Oliver. Are you brave enough to accept and make the journey to the changing table?” and OMG those words were MAGIC. The magic wore off by the end of the day, though, when Ethan was tired of bringing me the remote control and my glasses, both of which were CLEARLY not dragons in need of violent murdering.

I’m going to try to make Ethan’s Halloween costume this year. He’s always had Old Navy costumes (by “always” I mean his first, second and third Halloweens), but I’m guessing that Old Navy– or anywhere else, for that matter– doesn’t sell the costume of the guy he wants to be this year:

DJ Lance Rock!

An orange jumpsuit, some white felt, a little orange fur, some black rimmed glasses… How hard could it be?



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10 09 2008
Ethan's Oma

wow ! nice work ! and you know, that sounds a lot like the trick I played on Cristey, the Cinderella thing, but that worked for years…she never did figure that out.

10 09 2008

Oh my goodness. We have to see many, many pictures of Ethan dressed up like DJ Lance Rock!

11 09 2008
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Seriously, could you be any more crafty?!?!
And the frog costume, ADORABLE!!!

11 09 2008

That is insanely cute.

And can you come live with me and make me things?

11 09 2008
RookieMom Whitney

You are the awesomest. I might have to make a sword today. But then aren’t I just saying “Go ahead and keep telling saying weird violent things like ‘I’m going to slice your eyeballs’ and ‘I’ll put you in jail'”? Or perhaps there is a clever backstory about how sword-wielders demonstrate only the finest of manners.

12 09 2008

Seriously, your crafting skills are beyond fantastic. My sister is trying to get me to make the Buddha a monkey for Halloween and she’s all, “Just put her in a brown hoodie and sew on a tail!” And I’m all, “I can’t make a TAIL!?!?! I’m not Martha Stewart!”

7 10 2008
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7 10 2009
Couple Halloween Costumes

Nice costumes

1 10 2012
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