Grocery-getting and baby-taking

22 08 2008

The other day I guilted Jeff into going grocery shopping with me. I’m not a big fan of this chore to begin with; add children to the mix and I’d rather . The main reason for this is because I just don’t know how to make the whole thing go smoothly with two kids. I’ve mastered taking a potty training 3-year-old to the bathroom while nursing. I can read “Burger Boy” for nap time, complete with voices for the different characters, while also calming a fussy 8-month-old. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get groceries with both the 3-year-old and the 8-month-old.

Everyone says to wear the baby and have the toddler ride in the cart. Which is exactly what I would do, IF I were capable of bending down to low shelves to pick heavy things up (cases of pop, gallons of milk, etc.) without: 1) killing my back, and 2) sending the baby free-falling head first to meet the dirty grocery store floor. Not to mention the whole unloading-of-the-cart while wearing the baby. It is entirely impossible to reach down into the cart to get everything out and onto the belt with a twenty-pound sack of drool and flail-ey arms in the way. My back hurts watching someone bend and pick something up. All that bending and hefting and groaning with a baby strapped to my front (even in my super-comfortable beloved Ultimate Baby Wrap) would do me in, I’m sure of it.

Putting Ollie in the cart and having Ethan walk isn’t an option for trips that last longer than 10 minutes. Unless I want to be responsible for the display of pyramid-ally stacked jars of spaghetti sauce painted all over the floor of the Italian aisle. Which I do not. Again, I would rather .

What do YOU do? I can’t be the only one at a loss when it comes to a nice, calm, back-pain-free shopping trip. Ok, asking that the trip be nice and calm is pushing it. But there’s gotta be a way around the physical pain!

When we were at the grocery store last week… with Jeff, as I mentioned… I was holding Oliver while digging in my purse for my wallet when one of the baggers walked up to me and grabbed my baby. Now, I’ve had total strangers come up and pinch my kid’s cheeks, grab his fat little feet, some were even bold enough to make comments like, “Your baby is so fat!” But none have ever gone so far as to physically try to take my baby out of my arms. WHO DOES THIS? I knew she wasn’t going to steal him and run away; I’ve seen this particular employee at this store a hundred times. But dude. Dude! You don’t just take people’s babies. DUDE.

Although now that I think of it… perhaps the solution to my grocery shopping dilemma lies in my Presumptive Baby-Taking Bagger. I could hand him over to her while I shop.

Or not.

Probably not.

Edited to add: While I was writing this, when I got to the part in the first line where I was going to state the horrible thing I’d rather do than bring both children to the grocery store, I gave a moment’s thought to what this horrible thing would be, didn’t come up with anything, and decided to move on before I lost my train of thought; I’d go back and give coming up with an awful, horrible situation the thought it deserved after I finished the post. I did the same thing later on down in paragraph three. But in true Caley Fashion, I completely forgot this plan and went ahead and published the post SANS HORRIBLE SITUATION. So, um, just go ahead and think of something really really disgusting and/or painful and fill in my Idiotic Blank, please.



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22 08 2008

Since my daughter is a hellion and makes shopping trips near impossible, I wait till hubby is a) available to come with me, or b) leave them both at home with him or take one kid with me.

22 08 2008

Sawyer is still in the car seat carrier, so I put C in the seat and him in the back of the cart. Doesn’t leave much room for groceries, but if i’m taking two kids out, usually is isn’t for a big trip.

Mike and I like food shopping, so when we go together, I put the little one up front, and C can walk, since one of us can chase her if need be. However, I’m lucky that out in public (definitely not at home) she’s a very good listener and stays by me, even when not in the cart.

22 08 2008

When I worked in a bookstore I had to obtain signatures from the customers selling books to us. There was a dad in there with his baby in the cart, and the baby was very very new. The baby was crying while I was getting his signature, and this elderly lady comes by and picks up the baby. I thought it was the Grandma until this look of panic came over the dad’s face and he took his baby back. I too was like, Who does that!!!

24 08 2008

You need an Ergo (or a Blackhawk). I use the Ergo to get around with my 3 kids and it’s absolutely indispensable. The baby goes on your back, not your front, so your hands are completely free and unblocked. For really heavy stuff on low shelves, ask that overly helpful baby grabber to come over and lift it for you.

25 08 2008

I loved the blank at the beginning. I totally do stuff like that all the time. Don’t worry, I filled it in with something appropriately gruesome.

25 08 2008
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