The most important development OF ALL TIME

21 08 2008

It has come to my attention that I’ve been treating my blog horribly.

I blame Jeff.

Is it a coincidence that I blogged more regularly while he was away for work than ever before? No. And what does that say, the fact that I had more free time while parenting two boys under 3 all by myself than I do now that my other half is here, (theoretically) helping me get things done? If your answer is “That your husband is actually your third child!”, well, YEAH. I mean, no no, he’s not that bad. While he was gone, once I’d get the boys to bed, I’d hit all the chores (dishes, laundry, general picking up of the day’s disasters) and then find myself with at least 3 hours of time to spend doing whatever I wanted. But now that he’s back? Boys go to bed and maybe some picking up gets done. And then we have to like, do stuff together. Usually it’s watch some recorded TV shows (right now we like “The Cleaner”, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “Arrested Development”) (yes, we are YEARS behind the times) (THIS I blame on my children), sometimes it’s watch a movie (we most recently watched The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, and uh, big fat thumbs down), even less frequently it’s playing video games (he got me liking Braid). No more Me Time. Thus, no more Blog Time.

Alright, I can’t blame it entirely on Jeff. It’s this damn Twitter! I update it with my 140 characters and I’m left feeling like I’ve blogged. When in reality, I have not. In reality, that Thomas post is STILL. UP. just as it has been for the past 7 weeks. Are you tired of looking at Thomas and his squishy gray face yet? Are you?

So. Goodbye, squishy gray face. Hello, talk of toddlers who’re in the midst of Nap Time Wars, husbandial complaintage, crafty felt foods, and whatever else it is I tend to talk about. I haven’t blogged in almost two weeks, so there’s some filling-you-in to be done. First up: potty training. I honestly thought Ethan was going to packing some Pampers in his crates and Rubbermaid bins when he left for college. We were that fed up with the whole deal. But finally, FINALLY, the sweet day came about a month ago when he all of a sudden was… well, I won’t say ready. But willing, yes. He was willing to wear underpants and only pee them like two or three times a day. He’s much improved since then, much. But considering the fact that I’m still throwing away a pair of underwear every two or three days (some stains just DON’T wash out) (and then there are others where I’m not even willing to TRY to wash), there is much improvement yet to be made.

What else? Ooh- we’ve hopped on the Geocaching wagon. Jeff tried to get me on a few years ago; I said no. I can’t remember why. Possibly I was ginormously pregnant or some such nonsense. But he brought it up again a few weeks ago, while we were in the car with his sister and her boyfriend. He was telling me all about it, and how cool it’d be for him if he could go hunting for caches while in Thailand or whatever other exotic place he happened to be in for work. I’m slightly jealous, but I have to agree that’d be kind of cool. Then he said he’d looked at the map to see if there were any close to our house, and there happened to be one at the intersection we were just about to go through. So at 1 am we pulled over and Jeff searched a random newspaper stand in the dark and I was hooked. (Jeff’s sister and her boyfriend, however, sat in the backseat, CLUELESS and convinced we were stopping to meet up with our shady dealer and buy us some drugs.) We’ve been out about three times since then, “hunting for buried treasure” as Ethan calls it. Despite all the bugs and ticks I have to worry about, I really enjoy getting out in the fresh air with mah boyz

And- ah, yes, house hunting. I’d all but given up on it. I’ve been at it for nearly a year now. A year! With nothing to show for it except the knowledge that if we want to live somewhere we can afford, we’re going to have to learn to love the ghetto. (Is that a song? Learn to Love the Ghetto?) Because if it’s in our price range, it’s SCARY. If we want to go a few hundred dollars higher, though, we’d be safe, but we’d also be hungry. Dead… or rumbly tumblies? Hmm…

After months and months of this, I wasn’t even looking anymore. Then a few nights ago during a particularly boring movie (Jesse James, remember?) that I just couldn’t make myself watch any longer, I decided I could better spend my time looking at random things online and just for kicks, checked a military site featuring for rent properties in the area. And lo and behold, not to count my chickens before they’ve hatched, not to put all my eggs in my basket, etc., I think I may have found a place. It’s on the small side. It has some slightly outdated (by about 40 years) features. But! It is in our price range. It isn’t an apartment or townhouse (it’s an actual single family home). And it isn’t in the projects! So what if I haven’t actually seen the place in person yet. SO WHAT? I’ve got high hopes. HIGH HOPES. And also, am so so OVER house hunting.

OH and possibly the MOST important development, not just of this here little bloggy post, but OF ALL TIME: I think I may have actually gotten Jeff to consider a third child! And all I had to do was agree to let him name the baby “Ever” if it’s a boy. I know, right? I want more babies, what can I say? I will come around to Ever, if that’s what it takes. I mean, it might actually be kinda cool- ‘E’ from Ethan’s name, and ‘-ver’ from Oliver’s name. He’d have like a combination Ethan-Oliver name. Ethan, Oliver, and Ever. Yes? No? I would agree to Pilot Inspektor if it got me another baby, people.



6 responses

21 08 2008

You actually WANT more? I have a little happy pill I take every night to ensure the exact opposite. LOL

Kidding, kidding. You’re a great mother and any baby would be lucky to be born into your family!

Ever is actually a really cook name. If Sawyer was a girl, we were going to name her Everette and call her Evie.

21 08 2008

I’d agree to Pilot Inspektor if it meant I got to hook up with Jason Lee.

(Did I say that out loud?)

(Does it make it better if I make it clear that he shave the Earl ‘stache first?)

22 08 2008

What if Jeff wanted to name #3 Zuma Nesta Rock?

24 08 2008
Ethan's Oma

what is the DUMB thing I thought you said when you said you guys have been doing the geo-caching ?

24 08 2008

AndreAnna: I KNOW, RIGHT? I am crazy.

Nora: LOL! Totally agree.

Meg: Then I’d tell him to marry someone who is thousands of times cooler than me and can get away with naming her child Zuma Nesta Rock. I draw the line at Ever.

Ethan’s Oma: Eel catching!

25 08 2008
Ethan's Oma

EEL Catching !!!! I’m so not cool either, you must have gotten it from me….sorry.

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