Day 7: five is not zero, and swords are not for children

10 08 2008

I made it. And I didn’t lose my mind in the process. (Just part of it.) Jeff is home now, after more than 20-something hours of flight. Thailand was cool, he said. He even took pictures to prove it. Five of them. I’m not kidding. He told me before he left that “needed” to take the camera with him. I made a pouty face before realizing that, hey, THAILAND IS COOLER than yet another picture of Oliver eating peas, and so yes, alright, he should take the camera.

Well, I did not have the camera to document the train ride and picnic we went on last week. I did not have a camera when Ethan rode his first bike for the first time, all decked out in his helmet and knee and elbow pads (although my sister-in-law did, and did get a few pictures). And I did not have a camera when Ethan and Oliver took their very first dual Brother Bath together. I missed out on all these important Kodak moments, so that Jeff could step outside his hotel moments before they left for the airport, and snap a few quick pictures, because HEY: 5 pictures is NOT no pictures. Even I can’t argue with that.

He brought back presents, though, and so I forgive him. A little carved wooden elephant for Ethan, a cute little purse for me, and a big old SWORD that he insists is not for himself, but for the boys, “when they’re older.” For himself? He got throwing knives. Is that their technical name? I don’t know. They’re little knives, four different sizes, that you, um, throw. EXACTLY WHAT WE NEEDED. How did he know?

Motherly things I did on my last day of being both mother and father:

-whipped up a half batch of these babies (just a half; I had no need for 347 dinner rolls, even though they are so darn good that I could sit down and eat them all myself)

-cleaned the house, lest Jeff think I let the week of his absence go by without doing any cleaning at all (which is precisely what I did; but he does not need to know this)

-managed to get myself and the boys out of the house before 11, which is to say that we got out of the house before the temperatures reached Unbearably Hot; we took a walk (a walk that has led me to the conclusion that the world will soon be taken over by dragonflies), played on the playground, and Ethan pretended to ride his bike


-emptied the garbage, again- a job that I am so glad is not mine on a regular basis

-let Ethan eat a whole pack (12-ish pieces) of orange Pez before lunch; Ethan now thinks I’m Awesome



One response

11 08 2008

I hate emptying the trash. No idea why really.

Glad he’s home.

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