Day 3: exhaustion sets in

5 08 2008

Literally dragging today. Don’t know why. Diet? Sleep? Lack of? Who knows. But tired, v. tired.

See? Can’t even write in complete sentences.

Ethan put on his Bratty Pants at 8am this morning and despite his little potty training mishaps, managed to keep ’em relatively pee free all day long. I feel like all I did was yell at him today. He’s in the talking back stage now. WOO HOO. Not to mention how he just loooves to hit, push and throw things at his brother. I swear, the kid spends half his waking hours in the naughty chair.

We didn’t do anything fun or exciting today, just hit up the mall. By the time we got home, I was ready to crawl in bed. Somehow I managed to get a decent dinner on the table (chipotle chicken with red peppers (thank you, Weggaman’s prepared foods!), cous cous and peas), and then played with the boys for awhile before bedtime rolled in. Now it’s 11 and I can’t believe I’m still up. Briefly, how I’m being both the mother:

-did multiple loads of laundry that consisted of mostly underpants bearing the stress wounds of potty training

-fed my children snacks to keep them happy while I tried on lots and lots of clothes at one of my fave mall stores

As well as the father:

-forgot to clean some badly aimed potty-trainer’s pee off the toilet… oops

-gave in and let Ethan ride the mall carousel anyway, despite telling him he wouldn’t be allowed to since he was acting naughty



5 responses

6 08 2008
RookieMom Whitney

This entry is definitely my favorite in terms of attributes you’re sticking the dad with – inconsistent discipline and forgetful cleaning. Lovely.

I am on my own for three days as well and now that it’s 11 pm, I just realized I must take the trash cans out to the street – which, like you, I’ve done maybe 4 times in 6 years of living in this house.

6 08 2008

good luck with this dual-parenting! i can’t imagine what it must be like…hope you get some sleep!!! 🙂

6 08 2008
Ethan's Oma

And why do you think I used to let you guys have chocolate cake for dinner ???? Not often, of course, sometimes you got cereal !! lol. Yeah, sometimes I just had nothing left to give, after single-parenting for months at a time…

6 08 2008

Hang in there it’s almost over!! Make your sister-in-law do something for you thats why she’s there!!

7 08 2008

“Stress wounds of potty training” may be one of my favorite turns of phrases ever. You, my friend, have a way with words.

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