Day 2: boooring

4 08 2008

Day two went well; there was much less sniveling on my part, and much more “Hey, Jeff’s not here- we can totally have potato chips and peanut butter crackers for dinner!” Not that I actually did that, or anything. I would never.

For some reason I’ve thought all day long that today was Tuesday, and was repeatedly correcting myself. I had big plans today (Monday, not Tuesday): hitting up the new Wegmans (or “Weggamans” as Ethan calls it) in Woodbridge for a few groceries. I had a list, and did my very best to stick to it, but of course could not resist the many temptations that Weggamans offers. In particular, the Artichoke Asiago Dip. Oh. My. Yum. And then there were the free samples being handed out at very strategic spots throughout the store- we tried this stuff and I was totally sold.

But seriously, I have a problem sticking to my lists. My list-sticking inability has led me to bi-monthly grocery bills of between $160 and $200. For a family of 2 adults, one toddler and one baby. Not to mention the once-weekly random trips that run me between $40 and $60. That’s nearly $450 a month on food! Just ridiculous.

We came home and did lots of boring things like putting away groceries, feeding babies, etc. Then we went outside to play for awhile, because Ethan wanted to ride his new bike:

Or so he said. He gets all excited to put his helmet, elbow and knee pads on, climbs on his bike, and sits there. Does not move at all. All he does is whine to me to help him. He insists that he can’t push the pedals, even though he can. Even though I have seen him do it. Even though he will get on his tricycle two seconds later and can push the pedals just fine.

It was grossly hot outside, though, and time in the fresh air did not last long. We went back inside and I gave Ethan a shower and fed him dinner. Then I tried to put him to bed. As my sister-in-law (who’s been staying with us for a week now) pointed out, however, it was only 5:30. (It felt more like 9.) (It was a loooong. day.) So he got to stay up a little later, thanks to his Aunt Megan. Here’s a look at what they did:

Motherly things I did today:

-went grocery shopping

-got lost on the way to the grocery store (I’ve only been there once before, and it’s in a different town)

-screamed when I saw a giant-headed bee thing

Fatherly things I did today:

-chose potato chips for dinner instead of taking the time to actually prepare a meal

Caley things I did today:

-got hooked on the free sample of ice cream/sherbert/sherbet/sorbet that I tried at Weggamans, figured, Hey, I’ve got a coupon on it, why not?, and promptly forgot to use the coupon



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