Day 1: the adjustment period

3 08 2008

It is Day One of my weeklong stint as a single parent. Jeff got home from a brief work trip to Alabama (not Arkansas, as I’d guessed; I knew it started with an ‘A’) late Friday night. And then he left again late Saturday night. So he was home juuust long enough to shower, unpack, pack up again, eat some pizza, and take a nap on the couch. He had to be at the airport at 2am this morning, and since he was gearing up for a 20-hour flight, he just stayed up doing stuff until it was time to leave. And, stupidly, I stayed up with him. Not 20 minutes after he’d left, Oliver was awake for a feeding. Then again at 6:30, and then Ethan was up 7:30. I am SO refreshed and ready for this day. To quote my ’90’s self: NOT.

The worst part is that even though he was home for mere moments, somehow Jeff and I managed to find the time to get into a big argument before he left. We are AWESOME like that. The cause of the fight is not what matters (though I will say this: it was not MY fault) (not even a little bit). It was really hard to say goodbye to him, since I was feeling a very odd mixture of sadness/missing him and frustration/angry with him. We eventually compromised- I said I’d stop being mad at him for now and say goodbye. But as soon as he gets back to me safe and sound, then all anger would recommence. I am nothing if not fair.

It was really weird waking up this Sunday morning with no husband to make waffles and eggs with, or read the Sunday paper with. Instead, Ethan, Oliver and I sat in my bedroom, Ethan watching TV (why aren’t PBS kid shows on on weekends?), Oliver playing with toys, me wasting time on the Internet, reminding myself that Jeff’ll be back in a week. (Since there was no PBS, Ethan settled for his first-ever episode of Full House. Why was the whole Tanner family always doing things like being called up on stage during Beach Boys concerts? Or riding in parades at Disney World? What made them so special? And also, Jesse and the Rippers: what the heck? They were just rocking out to a crowd of thousands at Disney World. They showed the crowd, and these were not CG peeps; they were real live people. So does this mean there exist people out there who actually saw the fictional band of Jesse and the Rippers in concert?? If so, do they have the t-shirt to prove the experience? And how do I get one?)

We can’t sit around watching Full House all day. (Although this is technically possible; thanks, ABC Family.) I’m going to do my best to plan something for us to do every day this week, in the hopes that it’ll go by faster. My ideal plan for the week- lay in bed feeling sad, eating bon bons, not showering- wouldn’t fly with Ethan. Although I could probably convince Oliver to get on board with it. He’s pretty flexible. As long as there is booby involved, he will roll with just about anything.

In honor of the fact that I am both mother and father for the time being, let me share with you the ways I was fatherly today:

-took out the garbage for the second time in 3 years

-attempted to put together the bike I bought Ethan at Toys ‘R Us, sans instructions

-wastied some time sitting on the couch watching a movie with some good fight scenes

And the ways I was motherly:

-did lots of sewing to finish up the goodies for That Nora Girl‘s PIF winnings

-Googled “allen wrench”

-handed off the putting together of the bike to my neighbor (yeah, a male neighbor, what of it? I could have put it together myself, it just would have taken me all evening



4 responses

3 08 2008

It’ll go so fast!

I watched Mannequin today. I consider that productive.

4 08 2008

Is my daughter actually there with you?

4 08 2008

AndreAnna: And we can build these dreams together, stand in stock forever, nothin’s gonna stop us now…

And if this world runs out of lovers, we’ll still have each other, nothin’s gonna stop us… nothin’s gonna stop us noooooooow, whoa whoa…!

(I love that movie!)

Grammy: She’s here! Ethan, Oliver and I were hanging in my room because she was STILL ASLEEP in the living room, slept till like 11! Teenagers, I tell ya… 🙂

4 08 2008

You need to make that girl get up send those boys in there to get her up!!!!Love you all!!

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