I’m a Twit

31 07 2008

Once upon a time, Jeff said, “Twitter? Is so stupid. That’s one fad I’ll never fall for.”

Fast forward like, a year. It’s Saturday morning, 7ish. It might just as well be Tuesday morning, as weekends and that thing called “sleeping late” no longer exist for us. We’re lying in bed, I’ve just finished feeding Oliver and Ethan is making “I’m awake now” noises in his room. I lean over to ensure that Jeff is awake before yelling at him to go get Ethan. And what do I see? He is lying on his side, iPod in hand, twittering.

You’d think I found another woman over there, or a magazine (I’m not talking about Better Homes and Gardens), the reaction I had. This came after a week or two of him constantly walking around the house, his iPod in his hand, informing the whole internet-world of his actions, up to the minute. It was just starting to get really creepy! Partly it was weird that all kinds of people knew exactly what we were doing at that exact time (“Just finished dinner. Putting the kids to bed now.”). And partly it was because I was BEYOND curious as to what he was saying (I couldn’t just go look at my own Twitter page to find out, as I didn’t have one, and I certainly was not going to ask him. I don’t play like that.)

Well, to make a long story short, I… twitter now. See? That’s me over there, to your right… twittering. I’ve been using it since yesterday and have since posted something a total of 2 times. The first was an answer to a question of Jeff’s, the second, moments ago, was to inform whoever was watching out there that Oliver was chewing on my laptop. I’m finding it difficult to post things, because I first go, Why on earth does anyone care that I just did a load of laundry? A dark load? Into which one white sock snuck? Why? I am hoping it’ll be a new way to keep up and in contact with Jeff, who is currently away for work. Somewhere. (Seriously, somewhere. An unknown-to-me location. He texted me this morning to say that he’d landed safely. He neglected to say where.) (Should I be more concerned than this that I don’t really know his whereabouts?) (I’m actually more concerned that I can’t find my Twix that I bought the other day. I am cah-raving me some chocolate right now.)

Well. I can’t find my Twix. So I’m going to eat some Junior Mints. While I read some more of my book. While lying in bed. The bed that I get all to myself tonight because Jeff’s off in… Arkansas? Some place with an A, I think. And then I’ll brush my teeth and wash my face, check on the boys, and go to bed.

(That was for you, in case you can count yourself as one of the few SANE people left with a private life, and you don’t Twitter. Just for you.)



5 responses

1 08 2008

i’m so not technical. i have no idea how to twitter. i think my blog OCD is enough. don’t tell me any more about twittering. i know everyone is doing it, but i’m not falling for that line again.

1 08 2008

I’d be more concerned about finding my Twix too – did you ever locate it?

1 08 2008

Renee: Yes, it was in my purse, of all places.

Now it is in my belly.

1 08 2008
RookieMom Heather

Ha ha. We’re total twitter newbie/addicts too. Thanks for sharing your sidebar with us. And keep those white socks where you can see ’em.

3 08 2008
RookieMom Whitney

As Heather said, I just joined the tweeting world, too. It’s weird, but totally addictive. And Oliver is just getting so cute!

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