Plugged ducts, Target, and ice cream: my three constants in life

27 07 2008

Have I not learned anything in my 27 long years of life? In my 3 years as a mother? Anything? It’s like when you mention to your spouse how *knock on wood* smoothly the car’s been running for the past year. And then the engine bites the dust. Or how wonderfully your kid has been sleeping the past few weeks. And then you’re up all night with him the whole next week. Or how healthy your whole family has been lately. And then the next day, someone gets sick.

Or how you stupidly blab on the internet that you haven’t had a booby fever since May.

And then BAM! You are struck down with a plugged duct. And a fever. On top of the cold/cough/sore throat you already had.

We were, all of us, out for the count this weekend. (Though I trumped anyone else, as I was dealing with the duct on top of the sick.) We spent the whole weekend indoors, save for Saturday morning when we ventured out to the mall because Jeff needed a couple of new suits for work. (And where we coincidentally were assisted by a salesperson who also happened to be stationed at the same place in Europe that Jeff had been… and also happened to marry his wife while there, in Denmark, same as us. Weird.)

We also stopped at Target because Oliver needed some new pajamas. I saved every piece of clothing Ethan wore, and so far, I haven’t gotten very much use out of any of the bags and bags of baby clothes I’d held onto. I could go into the 6 to 9 month bag of Ethan’s old clothes to get Oliver some pj’s, but all I’d find are warm, fleecy footie pajamas. Because Ethan was 6 to 9 months old from December to March, not June to September. This is very frustrating for my thrifty mind to come to terms with. So I bit the bullet and bought Oliver a whole bunch of 9 month size Circo (Target brand) pj’s, got home, detagged and destickered them, and threw them all in the wash. They are now all exactly the same size as the 6 month sized ones he is just about to bust out of.

Does Target accept returns on detagged, destickered and washed items?

I also spent a good deal of time this weekend pitifully wishing that some grocery store, any grocery store, in our area delivered. I would pay whatever fee they asked, if I could just have my shopping done for me and brought to my door. If all I’d had was a cold, even a deadly one, I would have been able to suck it up and go to the store. But with the booby fever, I wouldn’t even be able to make it to the store. Red, throbbing boobs don’t allow you to even turn the steering wheel the required degrees in order to drive your car, let alone pick up your 24-pack of Dasani and load it onto the bottom shelf of your cart. So instead of getting groceries for this week, I sent Jeff to the store with a *very* abbreviated list of just the basics that we needed to get through till tomorrow. (Although why he couldn’t have just gotten everything, since he was going to the store anyway, sans a restrictive infection to the chestal area, is beyond me…) Hopefully I will be well enough to go myself tomorrow. Or Safeway will have changed their policy and be delivering before then. Either or. Whatev.

And one last sad fact from this weekend: at the beginning of June, just after we’d gotten to Erie, when I was planning on staying there until the end of July or the beginning of August, I’d gotten this flyer from the college I went to (Penn State Behrend), that announced that they’d be selling Creamery ice cream, available for pick-up one day, in late July. I got way too excited about this and considered paying– gasp!– somewhere around $20 for three 1/2 gallons. (I forget how much exactly- I know that they were selling them for $8 a half gallon, but if you purchased three, you’d get a discount.) In the end, I didn’t order 3. Just one. One perfect, heavenly half gallon of delicious WPSU Coffee Break. And then all of a sudden our plans changed, and we left Erie early, returning to our home in Virginia, nearly 7 hours away from my ice cream.

I informed my mom and sister of this sad twist of fate, and hoped that one of them would be able to make it out to Behrend on the pick-up day, sometime at the end of July. They assured me that one of them would, and after they duked it out, they’d know which one that would be. This helped lift my spirits a little; if I couldn’t eat my Creamery ice cream, at least one of my immediate family members would. And not, as the flyer I’d gotten in the mail had warned me, the lucky Penn Staters who’d gladly eat any orders not picked up on the designated day.

This morning I said to Jeff, “What’s today? Is it the 28th?? No, no, its only the 27th… I think that ice cream I ordered needs to be picked up tomorrow… I’ll text my mom tonight and remind her.” And then this afternoon, at 20 minutes to 3, I got a phone call from Behrend: “You need to come pick up your ice cream by 3 o’clock!” So I quickly called my mom, and even though she lives in a town about 40 minutes away from Behrend, she happened to be out already, and was more like 15 minutes away. She sped over and got the ice cream just in time.

And she’s probably enjoying a bowl of WPSU Coffee Break right this very instant.

And I am not.

And that explains why, despite the fact that I could not bring myself to go grocery shopping today, despite my cold, despite my booby fever, despite the fact that it is almost 9pm, I am now considering changing out of my sweats and dragging my sick self to the store for some ice cream.

Wait, who says I need to change out of my sweats?!?



6 responses

27 07 2008

I feel like I jinxed you by asking about it.

Hope it passes soon!

27 07 2008
Ethan's Oma

If it’s any consolation, the chocolate thing-ies in the ice cream are VERY dark chocolate, which I love, but I know you don’t like. Yeah, that probably didn’t make it much better. You probably would be glad to just pick the chocolate out, right ?

27 07 2008

I think Target will likely accept returns on items that shrink that much in the washing machine. Good luck.

28 07 2008

Target will accept items that have been detagged and washed as long as you have your receipt. I just returned Gerber white diapers that pilled after 2 washings. Sorry about the booby fever, it totally sucks!

28 07 2008

If it makes you feel any better, I sent my husband out to pick up the entire grocery list today (and I sent him with yes: THE LIST). He came back with about 1/3 of the list. Because he didn’t look at the other side of the list. Which is very funny – especially considering that the side of the list he didn’t look at was the printed side, as in **the side with the lines**.

You’re better off just giving the shortened list, the one with 3 items, so you don’t make him mad by saying repeatedly, “I don’t understand. You didn’t look at the main side, the **right side** of the list? The one with the most stuff on it?”

29 07 2008

AndreAnna: Not at all! I know EXACTLY why it happened, and it has to do with Oliver starting to sleep through the night, and my body/supply trying to adjust to the change. Trying, and FAILING.

Ethan’s Oma: Oooh, no, that DOES make me feel better. That’s good to hear!

whimsy: LOL! That is SO something my husband would do!

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