The good, the bad, and the pretty

25 07 2008

The good: Ethan’s not sick. He hasn’t mentioned his ear since that one time. He does have a runny nose and is sporting a very attractive Hitlery red ‘stache, thanks to rubbing his nosular area raw with tissues (he rubs- he refuses to blow; this annoys me to no end). But he is not sick. He is, in fact, in pretty good health aside from the snot factory. So good, actually, that he is learning to fight with/tattle on his little brother. I think they had their very first two-sided fight this morning: Ethan swung his Spiderman cuddle blanket at Oliver’s head, and Oliver, looking incredulous, screeched at him in fake pain, and was miraculously recovered from all injuries and stopped screeching as soon as his brother was sent to the naughty chair. Minutes later, fresh from The Chair, Ethan was screaming at me that Oliver “got me all slimy on my head!” Well. Dude. That’s what happens when you enter a teething 7-month-old’s personal space.

The bad: Oliver and I are sick. Oliver has a stuffy nose and a little tiny cough. My throat is really scratchy and I’m coughing all the time. But still, easier to deal with than if Ethan were miserable, too. Also bad: Remember how I was all, “Oh, look at me, LOOK AT ME: I exercised yesterday! Where is my medal??” Yeah. Now I’m lying on the couch with my heating pad on my back because oh the pain. I don’t know what he did to me, but Billy and his cinchy pants and all his “Now double time!” crap are, I suspect, responsible for my broken back.

The pretty: Or should I say, the AMAZING? Take a gander:

Fortune cookies. I gave them to Ethan to add to his other play foods, and promptly took them right back. I don’t know if he was trying to crack them open or what, but he darn near DESTROYED them, and now these ones are not for play, they are for LOOKING AT and ADMIRING. (In case you are wondering, the fortunes say:”; “You will learn to use the potty!”; “You will learn to count to 100!”; “You will have pizza for dinner!”; “You and your little brother will be best friends!”; and “You will always think your parents are cool!”)

And this little thing… well. It was intended to be a muffin. I searched for tutorials to help me create this, and CLEARLY was not successful. So I thought, how hard can it be? After all, with the exception of my banana, I didn’t have any help with any of the other foods. Apparently, muffins are DIFFICULT and no wonder I couldn’t find any muffin tutorials. But I’m not too upset: Ethan knew exactly what it was when I showed him, and he loves his mutant blueberry muffin for what’s on the inside, not its appearance. And now that I made it, I have a pretty good idea how to make it more muffin-ey and less shroom-ey next time.



2 responses

25 07 2008

You should sell that fake felt food. I’d totally buy it. I hate the plastic crap.

Sorry you’re sick – feel better soon!

26 07 2008

oh! these are soooo good! get an etsy account–i want to buy some!

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