Oh my stars!

24 07 2008

The stars were all in alignment for me today. Allow me to give you some proof:

-I woke up before both children. And it wasn’t 5:30am! No, both boys were still asleep at 8am. I snuck into the living room and managed to drink a cup of fake coffee and check my e-mail before Ethan was up. It was a very peaceful 6 minutes.

-I popped in a new exercise DVD to try out- Billy Blanks Tae-Bo Cardio Circuit 1. Despite being completely and totally defeated 22 minutes into the workout, it made me feel good. I had to stop once in the middle and march in place while all the perky little six-packers in the video kept on, but overall I was pretty into it. Not to mention feeling totally full of myself and proud for having exercised. (At one point, I lost my balance and almost fell over. Ethan, who was watching, asked, “Mommy, why you laughing?” I answered that I’d just almost fallen over. He goes, “Mommy, dat man is not falling. And dat lady and dat lady are not falling either.” Thanks, kid. )

-After the workout, I actually got to take a shower without having to worry about the crying baby needing entertainment/cuddling/nourishment, etc. Oliver was still asleep! I took a leisurely (but not too leisurely- Ethan was in the living room by himself, and while he did have a sippy cup of strawberry milk to keep him busy, Curious George certainly wasn’t going to whisper, “Hey, your mom probably wouldn’t like it if she could see you climbing up that shelf…” in his ear) 10 minute shower, and not a single tear was shed in my absence.

-I followed up my workout and shower with a healthy breakfast- multigrain oatmeal with almonds and strawberries and oj- and still Oliver slept! I was able to check my e-mail a second time and even read a few blogs.

After Oliver woke and was fed and everyone dressed, I gathered up everything we needed to head out of the house to run a few errands, and we made it to our first stop without a hitch. And that is where the star alignment ends. Because as we walked through the parking lot, Ethan uttered the four words I’ve feared hearing since his birth:

“Mommy, my ear hurts.”

And it was all downhill from there.

There was snot. There was whining. There was screaming.There were bugs. There were blow out diapers that spared no one. There was spilled milk, tantrums, jealousy. And we weren’t even back home yet.

My stars had apparently lost it and were no longer lined up all nice and neat. They were now stumbling around drunk.

I tried to at least keep the parts that I could control on track- I made a big salad for lunch, and again felt all good about myself and my healthy eating. But then I ruined it by finishing it off with two big brownies. (Way to cancel out that oatmeal you choked down for breakfast, moron.)

Things have calmed down a bit; both boys are sleeping right now. Both. Count ’em: BOTH. At the same time. This has happened once (excluding nighttime sleeping) since we brought Oliver home. However, I know that Ethan is going to wake up miserable (runny, achey, ear painy). And that this will probably mean tomorrow will find me calling the doctor’s office at 6am in hopes of scoring him a same day appointment, and if I do, lugging a fussy teething baby to sit at the hospital with me and his fussy sick older brother. I can’t even tell you how fun this prospect sounds.

HOWEVER. If I am at the doctor’s office all day, at least that will spare me from having to sweat it out with this guy again:

Just kidding, Billy; you know I love you and your ’90’s cinchy-waisted hotpants!



3 responses

24 07 2008

That? Is why I refuse to leave the house with two alone right now.

I skeered.

24 07 2008

congrats on surviving 22 minutes with the taskmaster!!! as for the rest of your day…hmm…glad i wasn’t there for the diaper. i can barely handle the pee ones! 🙂

25 07 2008

I tried some Tae-bo during maternity leave to help move the scale needle back down a bit. It was an unqualified disaster as I kept falling over, nearly knocked myself unconscious trying to do some ridiculously complicated combo move, and was terrified by all the cheering gym rats in back of Billy. I tried for about a week, then I was all, “Back to yoga and walking!”

This was the long way of saying: I’m impressed!

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