Contests are fun! Fevers, not so much.

21 07 2008

Ethan awoke with a fever Friday morning. I wasn’t at all surprised, since he’d slept so fitfully the night before. He was rolling around a lot, moaning, and talking in his sleep all night long. Here are some of the things I heard him say:

-“Oh, yeah, tough guy?” (from Toy Story)

-LOTS of giggling

-“Mommy, I don’t wanna watch Clifford!”

-“Kitty!” (from Monsters, Inc.)

-“Give him a Rainbow Twizzler. He likes to get a Twizzler when he goes poop in the potty.”

In addition to the fever, he refused to eat anything. But he was back to his old self (meaning he still wouldn’t eat but gone was the fever) Sunday. Which, coincidentally, is the day that it was Oliver’s turn to wake up with fever. I don’t think they’re related however; the 30 buckets Oliver’s filled with drool in the past two days are all pointing at his incoming teeth as the culprit(s). He’s still feverish today, and hey, know what’s FUN? Trying to comfort your miserable feverish baby while scolding your 3-year-old for hitting said baby in the face (“He touched my Buzz Lightbeer!” was his excuse). Yeah. TONS of fun.

So with all these fevers going around, I was reminded (by the Modern Matriarch, not my own memory; I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast this morning, let alone something that happened months ago) of the booby fevers. They were so bad that I was ready throw in the nursing bra when it came to breast feeding. I had been holding out till Oliver was 6 months old, and then miraculously, when he hit about 5 months, things began to get better. I haven’t had a booby fever since the beginning of May! Definitely an improvement on the once-a-week cycle I’d been on. It was around this time that I introduced Oliver to cereal, and I don’t know if this had anything to do with it or not. So I’m really glad that I hung in there, because he’s still nursing, in addition to the chubs he’s gaining from the fruits, veggies and cereals he now wears eats.

And speaking of things I forget- I did not forget that I owe you a Pay It Forward contest! Misty got the loot I sent her for winning my last contest, and I think I’m ready to start the next one. I’m not sure what the prize will be… felt food? Perhaps. Candy? Probably. One of those shirtless boys for hire to do yard work? I wish.

To be entered, leave me a comment on this post, telling me something about your driving. Do you succumb to road rage? I just heard (I forget where) about this insurance company that’ll cut your rates in half if you let them install a camera in your car so they can monitor your driving. Would you go for that? Are you a perfect driver, without a single point on your record?

I will leave it up to the random number generator to choose a winner. If you win, you’ll get a prize from me and then have your own Pay it Forward contest. (If you don’t have a blog on which to host this contest, we’ll work something out.)

You have till next Monday, July 28, at noon to enter. I’ll announce the winner sometime after that and hopefully get the prize out in a much more timely manner than last time. Good luck! And I promise your prize won’t be a fever, even though we seem to have those in abundance around here…



18 responses

21 07 2008

I do get very angry, but I’d be a wonderful actress if it could save me money.

Then again, I’m not sure I want a camera monitoring me doing anything, no matter how innocuous. It’s a little creepy and Big Brotherish for my taste.

Glad everyone is on the up and up there!

21 07 2008
Ethan's Oma

I’m a speeder, I won’t deny it, especially when I am driving to your house (always trying to break my own records)….although when I have my grandchildren in the car, I’m a VERY, VERY good girl. I pinky swear !

21 07 2008

I have been pulled over seven times. SEVEN. That all happened within the first two years or so of having my license. I got three tickets and two warnings, and once was because my headlight was out. I can’t remember what the seventh time was for. The best part is, I was the best driver among all of my friends, I just happened to be really really unlucky.

22 07 2008
Mae West

I get my driving skills from my Mom. We’ll admit we are a little crazy but both of us have never been in an accident. I do tend to curse a lot and think no one can drive right except me. 🙂

22 07 2008
Elizabeth W

These contests are everywhere! I saw your comment on’s Thomas& Friends contest.My name is Elizabeth and I work for Brighter Minds Media, an educational children’s software company located in Columbus, OH.
I was wondering if you and your children would be interested in trying out and possibly reviewing one of our new games, Thomas & Friends: Special Delivery, featuring Thomas the Tank Engine!
If you and your kids would be interested in Thomas & Friends, I would be happy to confirm your contact information and send you a FREE copy of the game. We only ask that you write a short review on your blog, or at least a brief mention. Our sole purpose for this project is to try and get the word out about the new game and generate some first hand publicity.
Here is a little bit more about the game, Thomas & Friends: Special Delivery. “Join Thomas & Friends on a brand new adventure across the Island of Sodor as they try to deliver some very special cargo. James is asked to make an important delivery to the zoo, but he gets lost along the way. Sir Topham Hatt sends a search party to look for him. Can you help Thomas and Harold find James and get him and the animals to the zoo on time?” Skills taught include:
• Shape sorting
• Color matching
• Logic and deduction
• Observation
• Memory skills
• Following Directions
• Telling Time
• Counting
If interested, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Thanks, and keep up those awesome blogs.

Oh, and I have a perfect driving record!:)

Elizabeth Whitlinger
Marketing & Publicity Intern
Brighter Minds Media
600 Lakeview Plaza Blvd, Ste. D
Worthington, OH 43085

22 07 2008

I’m well…the perfect driver. I’m what everyone hates ont he road. I follow the speed limits to a t, I’m confident yet attentive.

Perfect record. Now that I said that ill have jinxed it.

Lets hope not.

23 07 2008
Mommy Daisy

No road rage here. I’m a good driver with a clean record. I’ve never even been pulled over. And yes, I would let my insurance company install a camera. I think it would be worth every penny saved.

23 07 2008

I get mad and scream at people. I’d never act on it, though I do think about it. I don’t know about the camera thing – I would think it would be worth it for the savings, but then they would call me and tell me my rates are going up due to the 2,583,945 “MF-ers” I spewed that month.

23 07 2008
Not Your Aunt Bea

Good driver, always about 5-10 mph faster than the speed limit (except in school zones & neighborhoods). I LOVE TO HONK and FLASH MY LIGHTS at people. Oh, yes.

23 07 2008

I think I am a pretty good drive–more aware with the kid in the car!

Camera in my car? What if I have to pick my nose? Not that I would ever do that!

23 07 2008

I speed. Always. Five over. Or ten. And I get really mad at people who don’t use their blinkers…or people who don’t turn their blinker off when they’re done with it. Grr…

I have only had one speeding ticket in 17 years of driving…but if/when I get another, I’ll deserve it.

23 07 2008

I have a habit of forgetting my blinker. I am most always speeding if only a little bit.

23 07 2008

i speed and have occasional road rage. other than that, i think i’m a pretty good driver (of course my husband would disagree with that!)

24 07 2008

i speed, but am getting better at keeping it down…helps with my gas mileage…i used to swear at other drivers, but my shorty mcshort repeats them…thanks for hosting a giveaway, i hope i win!

24 07 2008

I am far from a perfect driver, but I’ve never gotten a ticket, either. I’ve been pulled over twice but only warned.

For the last year or two I’ve worked really hard at getting my driving anger under control. Pretty much the only thing that makes me yell these days is when someone pulls out in front of me and then drives below the speed limit. Make up your mind people! Are you in a hurry or not?

PS–So glad to hear about the booby fevers or lack thereof. Not to freak you out or anything, but I was actually thinking about you the other day (because I got my first plugged duct in about four months) and wondering of things had cleared up.

24 07 2008

Someone once told me that you become a 25% worse driver with each child you have. So, technically, I guess that means if you have four kids, you’re 100% less of a driver than you were before you started having kids. I have no idea where this stat comes from or if it even holds water; I’m just thankful I only have one kid, because I think I might prove the rule.

24 07 2008

I have a spotless driving record (knocking wood), but I am an impatient driver. I hate tailgating (doing it or having it done to me) but I have little patience for people that drive with their heads up their asses.

25 07 2008

I get frustrated and angry when driving, but thanks to a terrifying incident as a kid when a guy followed me and confronted me in a parking lot after I flew him the bird after he ran a stop sign and almost hit me, I keep it to myself.

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