Stone soup

17 07 2008

*If you are a Joss Whedon fan (Firefly? Yes. Buffy? Yes. etc.), you are probably already in the know when it comes to this: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. The first act is up now, and there are two more acts yet to come; they’ll all be viewable until midnight this Sunday. I watched Act One with Jeff tonight, and… eh. Mildly amusing. Maybe my expectations given past Whedonisms were too high. I will definitely be giving it another try for Act Two, though.

*How many movies are in your Netflix queue? We have roughly 5,436 in ours, and it KILLS ME. We are continuously adding to it, and there is no way we will ever see all of these, thanks to the continuous addings. What are we doing to ourselves???

*Speaking of movies, as Jeff has pointed out to me many times in the past few weeks, Batman: The Dark Knight comes out tomorrow. We both want to see it, but Jeff is determined to go, even if it means going by himself if we can’t find a babysitter. Considering I don’t know any babysitters, the chances of us finding one are pretty slim. I, however, would rather wait until it’s on DVD than go to the theater by myself. I’ve never been to a movie by myself and I’m not about to start now (especially not with a movie like this one; if I were going to go by myself, I’d prefer to do it for a movie like “Love Actually”. I’m not sure why, but it seems more acceptable to see a romantic comedy alone than an action/adventure type one, despite the fact that seeing a romantic comedy alone probably screams “LOSER”, but yeah). It’s not that I’m afraid to go by myself. It’s more that I think the experience of going to the theater is much better enjoyed with other people. What say you? Should I suck it up and go by myself? Do you go to movies by yourself? Should I just bite the bullet and find a babysitter already?

*I decided Ethan needed felt foods to play with a few months ago, after he played with some at a friend’s house (they cooked up a scrumptious pot of fish-tomato-ice cream cone-carrot soup). Cheap as I am, I decided to make him some with my own two hands. He loves them! Here’s what I’ve made so far:

The dagger carrot could use some improvements.



10 responses

17 07 2008

your “food” is totally adorable!
And so doable!
Are they all felt pieces?

(I hang out with a three-year old and I think this could be right up our alley)

17 07 2008

1. Food = sooo cute. Just give the dagger a green stalk and draw on some black lines and you’ll be all set. Except that then Ethan will maybe need a felt vegetable peeler to get ready to cook it.

2. I would be happy to sit on your babies.

17 07 2008

You felt food looks creatively delectable! Awesome job!

17 07 2008

Those are so cute! You’re very talented. If I tried to make them I’d never even come close to making something recognizable.

The banana is my favorite – just amazing!

17 07 2008

I’m in awe of the food. I can’t sew in a straight line so, yeah. In awe.

I have gone to movies by myself and I find it fun. There’s good people watching and you don’t have to share your popcorn.

That said, I think you do need to find a babysitter, just because it’s nice to have one ready for when you need it.

17 07 2008

I am very, very impressed with the felt food. If only you had the time to “mass” produce (ooooh… pun, ouch) it, it seems liked you’ve have at least 6 buyers.

18 07 2008


19 07 2008

Oh MAN. You did such a fantastic job with the felt foods! Love them. It is my dream to do stuff like that. But I lack felt. And any sewing ability. Oh, and patience.

But I so want to make felt strawberries and fish!

21 07 2008

Thank you for the compliments!! 🙂

stopbouncing: All felt and baby safe, except for the fish- he has one plastic googley eyes, which could just as easily be replaced with a felt eye.

aliasmother: You are very right- a good babysitter is something I should really have on hand. I’ve been relying on friends and neighbors, and mostly just not going anywhere. But I should really fix that.

Ian: That’s good to hear, since I am still considering getting an Etsy shop.

21 07 2008

excuse me, martha stewart?!? i never knew!!!! the ravioli are toooo cute. instructions please!

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