16 07 2008

We came back from our “vacation” early (the army: you just never know with them) and after digging us all out of weeks and weeks worth of laundry, I found that Jeff had taken the initiative to set up the crib for Oliver while we were gone (what he hadn’t taken the initiative to do? Rearrange the furniture in Ethan’s room to allow for the addition of a piece of furniture the size of a foosball table; the room had been cramped to begin with, and instead of removing some furniture to make room for MORE furniture, he just… pushed it all into the middle of the room. I had me a heckuva time cleaning up after the “favor” he’d done me).

So, the crib. Right. All set up. Which meant that I would have to kick my 6-month-old out of our bed, where he’d slept almost exclusively since his birth. I was sad about this- I will miss the way he snuggles with me! But I was also a little MAJORLY EXCITED- oh, to be free to roll over in my sleep! I was also hesitant: I’m totally for the boys sharing a room (not that I have a choice, given the fact that our place is only a 2-bedroom). However, Oliver is not sleep-trained. He’s used to being either held or nursed to sleep. When we sleep-trained Ethan, he was 4-months-old and an only child. His crying disturbed no one. (Unless you count my heart, which DIED a little while I listened to his anguished cries over the monitor.) But how do we sleep train a baby whose sharing a room with his crabby sensitive older brother?

I’ll just add this dilemma to all the others I just can’t get figured out when it comes to having two children (like, how on earth to make a trip to the post office without tears and injuries and lots and lots of angrily whispered discipline (“YoubequietRIGHTNOWoryouwillgostraighttotheNaughtyChairwhenwegethome!”), while still managing to get a package mailed? Someone explain to me how that’s supposed to work?).

How about you? Will your children (or do they already) share a bedroom? Did you sleep train the younger before forcing him on his elder sibling (which, hello! That would have made a lot more sense, wouldn’t it?) What about when baby (inevitably) wakes in the night? Did you find your older child’s sleeping patterns got all messed up?



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16 07 2008

Grant (7mo)is still in our room… only because I don’t trust Katie (3yr) to leave him for a second with her. Until I feel that I can leave him in there without her throwing several blankets and toys into the crib, he stays in our room.

He’s been in a crib in our room… the room is a good size, so he is at the other end and we can pretty much function without waking him up while he’s napping or during bedtime.

16 07 2008

I am Kristi (Gleason) Demeter’s Best Friend. She is your husband’s cousin…ANYWAYS, she forwarded your blog onto me as I too have 2 kids 14 months apart. My son is older and daughter younger. I waited until she was about 7 months to put them in the same room. (I tried when she was 2 or 3 months, and she ended up back with us) To my AMAZE she did not wake up her brother when she woke up in the night. AND if she did, I would just take her out of the room to nurse, etc…and he’d just fall back asleep! AMAZING! It seemed like he preferred to have some company in his dark room at bedtime and didn’t mind if she cried.
However, I have to say, it only took her 3-4 nights to “cry it out”. After that it was smooth sailing.
When they were younger, we would put one in their bed first at nap time or bed time, make sure they were asleep before we put the other one in. (We have a Video Monitor that lets us KNOW they are sleeping – WORTH EVERY PENNY PLUS SOME!)
Now that they are older 30 months and 16 months we lay them down at the same time.
She does still get a sippy of milk as she is laid down that helps her get to sleep quietly.
When one of them wakes from a nap or bedtime, the other will still sleep until they’re ready to wake up – again amazing…unless my son, stands up in his crib and yells her name over and over and OVER until she finally has no choice but to wake up and join him. =o)
Hopefully that helps.
My new dilema is…but him in the toddler bed and risk him climbing out to GET her…hmmm….not so sure!

16 07 2008

I thought they would share a room once the new baby was out of our room. But we’ve since decided we can’t trust our older daughter. So she will be getting our old dining room as her own in a few months and he will get hers.

16 07 2008

I don’t know how to help you with the sleeping arrangement with the kids since I only have one and will probably keep it that way since having a second sounds really hard. lol However, I can help with the trip to the Post Office. Drop your kids off with me while you run or have me run for you. 🙂 I know it is hard with just one kid let alone two or more.

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